Artist visits FTW!!

This week’s project is one of my all time favorites because i love the idea of going to meet an artist in the flesh and getting to talk to them and learn who they are. A website gives you a lot of information on what they have done but it takes a visit to their studio or a face to face interview to fully understand who they are and what they are trying to say/accomplish with their work.

For my group of students, two artists came through for them this week: Carol Hummel and Ryan Mcintosh.

Carol Hummel

The Carol Hummel group consists of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Chan, Micaela Bonner, and Maria (Anna) Le. Carol lives in Ohio so they had to interview her over the internet and by the looks of it, things went smoothly once they got their time zones figured out 😛

For more posts by this group:


Ryan Mcintosh

The Ryan Mcintosh group consists of Josue Martinez, Emmanuel Fonseca, Francisco Arellano, and Sean Farquhar. Their artist Ryan lives in Los Angeles in an old abandoned brewery that is now a home to artists and their studios.

The group did a great job taking pictures and including some footage of their interview with him in their projects.

Emmanuel    Josue   Francisco   Sean


…and because i usually end or start my posts with a vid…


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