An Essay in an Art Class, WTF?

I’m pretty sure there were mixed reviews on writing an essay for this past weeks’ project. Some were rejoicing (because they rock at writing essays) or some (like me) were not rejoicing because writing is not our strong point. I was really proud of all the essays I read though. Grammatical errors are bound to pop up from time to time, but other than that a lot of you really dug deep and presented your artist in a great light! I want to express how proud I am of the students I have this semester, you guys (most of you) work really hard and produce great projects! 

I thought it was so funny how a lot of you were pissed at Eva and Franco Mattes. It was interesting to see how a lot of you became infuriated at the thought that this could happen. Personally, I feel that this is really nothing new. They might have “plagiarized’ to a greater extent, but everyone plagiarizes then and now. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are doing it or that are friend has done it. It’s really one of those areas that becomes gray matter in an essence because like they [Eva and Franco Mattes] said, “Knowledge is a form of plagiarism”. Which I feel is so true these days, but I like to refer to it most of the time as inspiration. We are inspired by the people before us that took the time and effort to stand up and create something “new” when truly they felt the same way at the time they were creating their art. When you ask an artist about their inspirations, there is always a reference to another artist that they looked up to. It’s a reoccurring cycle. That is how I feel, and honestly if you don’t agree, that’s completely fine. People are entitled to their own opinions.

Without further ado, here are my favorite projects of the week (:


1. Ryan Frasquillo

‎”…I have found it difficult to be comfortable in my own skin. My sense of self has become dislodged and torn apart. Through Gracie I have begun to put myself back together.” – Kristine Schoemaker

Full Essay can be seen on their blog!

2. Ashley Ortiz

“ all my work is body based because I was sick as a kid” – Ted Meyer

Full Essay can be seen on their blog!

3. Miguel Tello 

“ When I was unhealthy the colors were darker and as I got healthy the colors became brighter” – Ted Meyer

Full Essay can be seen on their blog!


Great work you guys! I am so proud of everyone of you! Keep it up!



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