P6 Props

Once again you guys did an awesome job this week! I know essays probably weren’t what you were expecting in an art class, but I was really impressed with how well sone they were. Kimberly Dwinell Group, you guys did a seriously great job! In depth researched, very thoughtful, and really well written.
I had no idea that she had worked on so many Disney films, very cool.


And Andrew Byrom group, also a great job! You guys really understand your artist and I understand the message behind his aesthetic.

..and I love that incorporated quotes!


It was really nice to see really thoughtful vblogs this week and I have to give props to Kathleen Metcalf who really analyzed the Eva & Franco chapter and had a really different outlook on the whole idea behind it.

And Kimberly Flores, you did one of the best vblogs I’ve seen so far. You were one of the few who really looked at “why” when it came to the reading and you did more than just voice an opinion. Awesome, awesome, awesome job!

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