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March 8, 2012

“Sometimes art isn’t all fun and games” – Lizzie Chan

by Liz Juarez

This week was catalog essay week and as the title suggests, not everyone had fun with it. Lizzie seems to have more fun with other projects but writing essays are not her favorite. I’m sure a lot of students felt like that this week.

Below i will display the group’s catalog essay as well as what they as individuals succeeded at the best.

Ryan McIntosh Group

This group missed a couple of portions in their catalog essay but the entire essay can be viewed here.

For their individual successes:

Emmanuel Fonseca

Josue Martinez

Francisco Arellano

Rinko Kimono Group

This group also missed a few points as well but they included some portions of their interview with Rinko. Their catalog essay can be viewed here.

Carol Hummel Group

Even though Lizzie was complaining about this week, she and her group did a great job on their catalog essay. You can view their catalog essay here. They followed everything to the letter and made their page very beautiful.

As for their individual portions, all three did a great job on their vlogs. Lizzie and Anna did an amazing job on their readings. If you’re looking for a good example on how to vlog about the reading, i definitely recommend their vlogs.

Michaela Bonner

Lizzie Chan

Anna Le

Great job this week. These upcoming weeks will be full of preparing for your virtual art installation which should be a lot of fun.

In order to end this post, i will put an episode of My Drunk Kitchen. Yes she is actually drunk.

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