The Meeting and Writing on Some Fantastical Artists.

As I experienced last semester, sometimes getting in touch with your artist can be a kind of painful experience. You are talking to these wonderful artists or performers who have incredibly busy schedules. So not only do you have to worry about making plans and deciding on a location, you also have to worry about what to ask them and how you will manage to show off their art in Secondlife and how it will impact your grade. This is why, despite some set backs and resulting extensions, I am so proud of my students these past two weeks for doing all that they could do and sometimes more to prove that they will work hard at this project.

Just to start off, I want to show off some of my favorite sketches from these past two weeks. Mostly because I am insanely jealous of their talent and skill and also because they are just really good at their sketches.

Berenice Barrera (Aoi Yamaguchi):

Stephen Lopez (The Poubelle Twins):

The Twins

Anyway, moving on. How much do we love to have a glimpse of artists in their everyday lives? Just being nice enough to meet up with a few college kids and answer questions about their art? I love it. Plus evidence of effort does not hurt the students either…hehehe.

The Catalog Essays. To replace the old Interpretive Notecard in Secondlife, we decided to have the students write a full blown essay instead. As one the students put it, it was the first time this class has ever felt like a normal class. Though one of my groups had issues with finishing their meet-up before Sunday, I have to give Anthony Ghannam and Stephen credit  for doing all that they could with the little they had. Thanks for making my life a little easier guys. You can find links to the catalog essays right here along with some artist meet-up pictures:

Aoi Yamaguchi

(Alix Ogawa, Berenice Barrera, and Tien Tran)

Performance Calligraphy Artist

Vanessa Bonet

(Tyler Erkelens, Maddie Champagne, and Timothy Driscoll)

Sculptor of Clowns and Dresses

Great work guys, keep going strong! I’m going to sound all mommy and say how proud I am of you all!

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