P7 – Shark Tank

So this week I got to take a look at where everyones going with their galleries and I have to say that I am REALLY impressed. Almost everyone was prepared with sketches and a really clear idea of where they were going with their design. You guys did an awesome job of thinking outside the box, and thought, not only about the basic design, but you all considered how to display the work. Anyways, below are just a few of the amazing work I saw this week and I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

Kim Dwinell’s group had a really well though out design that incorporated the lighthearted theme of her work with her new and upcoming book Surf Girls. This group so was prepared for their interview and had really thought out their gallery. Great job ladies!


Another group that really impressed me this week was Possimistes’ group who created this really cool idea of putting their gallery in the forest to capture her aesthetic as an artist AND they did a really awesome job of thinking about where and how to display Postimistes’ work within the forest. Really excited to see the final product of this gallery!
It seems like you all really understood the reading this week so there were tons of great vblogs.

Sarah Ceja really grasped the concepts of this weeks readings…

Crystal Elston also had a great vblog this week! A little long, but the chapter was so thought through… VERY impressed with your insight!

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