Happy Spring Break!!

Happy Spring Break!

Have an awesome time travelling, hanging out with friends and family, or just catching up on work and hopefully a little rest. Below are a couple of videos from the TA’s and I on Spring Break, and info on what’s upcoming.

Have a great break; stay safe; see you in April!

Above is “Happy Spring” from me, with lots of stuff about the P10-11-12 projects:

P10Venice Beach Legal Art Walls
P11Video Project
P12Counterfactual Identity

The video also has info on presentations, vlogs, and clickers when we get back. Watch & learn! 🙂

Remember that the Venice Legal Art Walls are only open on Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 1/2 hour before Sunset. So you have 3 possible weekends to go: this, “week 9” weekend, Spring Break weekend, and then when we get back, week 10 weekend. The TA’s and I will be at the Venice Legal Art Walls on Saturday of Week 10 from 10am – 2pm and I’ll bring the iced tea keg. We’d love to see you and hang out, but you don’t have to go when we go, you can go anytime. But do find a Saturday or Sunday in the next 3 weeks that you can make it.

I know some of you don’t have cars, but over half the class does, so carpool! It’s more fun and you’ll have more colors of paint to work with. Even though you guys hate driving, when all’s said & done, these trips will be for many of you the best part of the class, so embrace it!

You might also like to think about P10-11-12 as a block. Who will your Counterfactual Identity be? I talk about that in the video, so check it out. Maybe you can go to Venice and write something that your CF-ID would write… those pix could be posted by your CF-ID… and your video could play in too.

You don’t have to do this, you can make all 3 separate works, but combining your ideas for 2 or all 3 of the projects could be fun and interesting. And continuing with our ePortfolio theme, think of a way that this work can help you think about things you care about, maybe explore your major, and maybe even be showcase work for you.

I was talking to a Criminal Justice major today who’s really passionate about Human Trafficking. I think it’d be great if she thought about doing 10-11-12 as a unit. What if her CF-ID was a Trafficking Victim… what would they spray paint on the street or make a video or online post about? If you know about the “LonelyGirl15” project from a while back that was a project that really captured a lot of people’s imaginations.


I know we’ve been pretty casual on the clickers, but we really intend to step them up when we get back. So:
1) We will have clicker questions on Thursday – be sure to bring your clicker
2) Most of you do have your clickers registered, but there’s a 1/2 dozen or so of you in each section who still have not gone to iclicker.com to register your clicker – please do so asap so you can get points!

Below is a video with Monique, Ashley & Erik on the status of your VR Installation Projects.

Featured image: Day 92, Photo Booth Shot by Sharyn Morrow

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