So are you a youtube star yet?

This week’s project was to shoot a brand new video. It could be about anything. I only got one video from my people but what i got was a video that needed a better camera but the story and the effort was totally there. Congrats to all of you who were first timers in making videos. I hope you had fun and that you continue to make videos in the future.

Created by Francisco, Sean, Emanuel, and Josue

Something that is very important is that next Thursday, my three groups will be presenting. Below is a schedule of when i am available this week and next week. Contact me so i can know where i am meeting you and when i am meeting you.

If you can’t really see it, open it in a new tab

Let me know what time you are available and where i should meet you. Your entire group doesn’t have to be there but it would be great if they were. If needed, we can meet more than one time.

I think that’s it for now, good luck with this week’s project.

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