Project 12: Counterfactual Identity Project- I D E N T I F I C E P T I O N

Hey guys, last project.

It was… interesting.

Lots of you said in the Vlogs that the project is interesting as an idea, but SUCKS when it gets executed. Some said ‘oh man this project would be cool if we had more time’ or ‘trollin’

I agree with you all, this project is all about trollin, and none of you trolled as hard as Dyana.

She not only made one counterfactual identity.


Albeit short in content (Someone started late, eh?) the identities are fleshed out and their own entities. Very interesting to see their small bios.

Other than that, I saw a bunch of troll accounts, but not much trolling going on.

Erica Hickel’s account was I think the only one that added me on facebook… for shame.

Uhm… I’m no good at goodbyes, so uh…

Goodbye students, it was fun.

Don’t be shy about saying hi, I’m relatively sane.

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