Final Project, Final Story

Last semester, the counterfactual identity project was near and dear to my heart. It gave me a chance to address a loss I experienced many years ago, and understand how life would have been if it had not occurred. This semester, the closest thing I experienced to a project that I felt was (no bragging intended, I promise) as deep as mine was perceived to be by our tA’s last semester.

As soon as Tien Tran began to talk about her project, I was touched by the adorable quality of it, as well as the place her identity held in her heart. I know when I was a kid, growing up could be lonely at times, and I had plenty of imaginary friends. Tien found the perfect way to bring her old friend to life, and I loved it.

I loved this project, I thought it was adorable and endearing and reminded me of my childhood. If you’d like to see the rest of the project you can go to Tien’s Tumblr.

This was my favorite of my student’s projects, but this was my favorite part of grading:

There is absolutely nothing better than pausing a video and having it freeze on a hilarious picture of your student. Im sure Anthony appreciates this being posted. This has been a great semester, so watch out for the master post of all that went on!

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