Projects 7 thru 12 and Farewell Post <3

So unfortunately not everyone did their projects every week for the people I was grading. Since I don’t want to give the same 3 or 4 people praise for every week, I decided to highlight one student per project for the last 6 projects. Sorry this is so late, but here we go. 

Project 7

Jasmine Cisneros for such a great start (and finish) on the VAI project. Her and her group jumped right in and really impressed me. Her enthusiasm was great throughout the semester despite and obstacles.


and detailed sketches


P8 Also Jasmine

I loved her blog (: she always has great insight! LOVE IT


P10 Dakota Jones! While he DIDN’T go to venice he did an amazing piece of art (:


Gabriel Tabon (and Jasmine) For their cute Disney Video

And last but not least P12 again Dakota Jones…. inspired by another class member. I wish everyone would have gone more in depth with their projects but he did a great job.


Anyway! I really enjoyed this semester and loved meeting all these new people! I wish everyone a great summer! Peace, Love, and Happiness to all of you! I love you all and enjoy the rest of your time at CSULB!!

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