It’s rare that you get a chance to understand what teachers and professors go through on a regular basis. The hard-working students, the slackers, the complainers, they have all added to the job of being a TA in Art 110. Learning to balance the work load of my own classes, as well as helping other students with the work of this class has been a stressful, but somehow rewarding experience. I was able to push students to do their best, explore their creativity, and learn a little bit about the world of art. I was shocked to find you can see the change in students in one semester as they are exposed to different art forms, people, and experiences. Despite some dissent among the students, most projects were done on time and were learned from, all leading up to the final presentations (which all of my students did superbly on, I felt).

It was a long semester, and you could feel the relief as they finished all their projects and presentations and the grateful attitudes that came from some were surprising, but wonderful, and once the final complaints were sent in, it was the end of a wonderful semester. There has been some drama among the students and TAs, peers, and professors and we have all learned a lot, but I would not give up the experience for a 4.0 GPA any day. So here’s the end of it all, the end of my Art110 TA-ship and while I wish I could stay another few semesters, but alas, unit caps will not allow me too.

I hope that the experience has been as awesome for you as it’s been for me, and I wish you all the luck in the world for the rest of college.

Adios mis estudiantes!!!

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