About The Course

This is the official course website for Art-110: Introduction to the Visual Arts, California State University, Long Beach, Spring Term, 2012.

Section 3: Class No.5067 – TR 9:30-10:45, UT-108
Section 1: Class No.1060 – TR 11-12:15, UT-108

Instructor: Glenn Zucman
Graduate Assistant: Amanda Wada
Teaching Assistants: Liz Juarez, Vanessa Canales, Monique Nicholson, Laura Kaiser, Ashley Sorrentino, Chelsea Mcintyre, Erik Morales, Kaitlin Hodgdon, Patrick Ho, Rachel Youdale

Additional Websites
Forming Culture – A catalog for our Spring 2012 Exhibition Series
Forming Culture Curators – A Facebook discussion group for Curators (students) in both sections of Art110, Spring 2012
BeachBoard – University website where curators post links to their blogs, review project grading rubrics and project points, etc


Creative Commons License
Art-110 by Glenn Zucman, Amanda Wada, Liz Juarez, Vanessa Canales, Monique Nicholson, Laura Kaiser, Ashley Sorrentino, Chelsea Mcintyre, Erik Morales, Kaitlin Hodgdon, Patrick Ho, Rachel Youdale is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at formingculture.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://art110.wikispaces.com.

The contents of this website are part of the CSULB Open Courseware Initiative. Content from faculty, staff, and teaching assistants are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Content from curators may be licensed with any terms the individual curator chooses. Please see the About page of their blog for full details.

When we present the work of living artists in our projects, that work is licensed under terms specified by the artists and they should be consulted directly for reproduction and derivative use. Often artists’ work is licensed Copyright All Rights Reserved, and is granted to us under a non-exclusive agreement to use, manipulate, exhibit and distribute their work in conjunction with Virtual Art Exhibitions.

About The Staff

Glenn Zucman
In his seventh year of teaching at California State University, Long Beach, Glenn Zucman has
practiced and explored a wide range of art media and ideas. His overarching interest is in
the artist as cultural analyst and critic and how these identities are expressed as humankind
explores its destiny here in the 21st century.

Liz Juarez
In the two years since her seminal exhibition Remix Culture, Elizabeth Juarez has worked with
numerous curators to create a diverse group of exhibitions typically focusing on living,
contemporary artists.

Vanessa Canales
After curating an exhibition last year on arts collective Finishing School, Vanessa Canales
has focused on working with student-curators to design, implement, and document a number of
exhibitions on the work of Southern California artists.

Monique Nicholson

Laura Kaiser

Ashley Sorrentino
After joining the Fall Art110 class, Ashley was reunited with her love for digital art. Although she came to CSULB as a Film Major, Ashley went through a semester of uncertainty. Ashley may not know exactly where she wants to end up, but she knows she does not want the typical 9-5 office job. Glenn and the Art110 gang has really inspired her to keep film as a part of her life to really open up and express herself freely. She is really excited for the coming semester and want’s to see what is to come.

Erik Morales
An undergrad at CSULB, Erik is currently chasing after his psychology degree, all the meanwhile trying to create a successful meme and becoming the next big internet blogger/net culture swagster. Chill, laid back, never one to back down from a challenge, he is motivated to help out n00blets and confused individuals towards success. He is accessible by Email, facebook, and tumblr, and invites people to join him and let him know what you think. Connected to the internet 24/7 like it’s part of his organism.

Kaitlin Hodgdon
Currently a sort of freshman, Kaitlin Hodgdon was a curator for the Poubelle Twins in the Fall 2011 semester. She’ll be bothering the curators of the Poubelle Twins, Aoi Yamaguchi, and Kasey McMahon this semester, but takes an interest in the other artists.  She is a first time TA, so please don’t pick on her.

Rachel Youdale

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