Venice Venice Beach Beach

SO many cool projects! I’m going to show off quite a bit of them because I really admired a lot of you for trying this new medium/going to Venice in the rain/showin’ off your skillzzzz. Oh and saying some pretty awesome stuff in your blogs. You guys are pretty smart.
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Prophecy in the Dreamer

Guys, I wanted to give this post a cool title.  So I googled “random title” and it took me to this website:
^^And this is what I got.^^

Anyway, grading was kind of whacky this week so I didn’t see as many of your awesome galleries as I would have liked to but I was lucky enough to see some.

I liked Anthony’s kind of simplistic architecture , It’s clean and just really nicely built. Perhaps with a different texture, but other than that, nice start!

And Eddie, the light house is most definitely sick work!  I can’t wait to see the finished product (perhaps with different texture, eh?)

But I was most impressed with Andrew’s Tuna Longfellow gallery. The cards were a nice touch! I’m impressed with your work, sir. Continue.


That’s Not My Deal, That’s Not Your Deal

Aaaaahhhhhhhh….. the relaxing sounds of Kings of Convinience.  That’s what I’ve listening to while I’ve been grading.  And who’s heard of the Morning Benders?? I’m in LOVE with the classic-y 20’s/40’s modern indie sound of their song Excuses (the magnificent Your’s Truly session).  Lead singer, Chris Chu, has all this sex appeal  wrapped into his vocals in this song.  There’s always a marriage proposal waiting for you from me, Chris Chu.  If you ever read this.

Anyway, P5

Ima be honest guys; no one really stuck out to me.  Your P5’s were mainly average; a few goodies and a few yuckies (Right off the top of my head I say there was a high B average in my grading batch) but no WOW’s. Only one person used color, and that was kind of a bummer. I still own color crayons, am I alone in this boat?  And I like (and was hoping for some) detailed sketches. Like, no Sistine Chapel expected but I’m an extensive doodler, like, I carry around a sketch book and I even doodle my notes for my political science class because it helps me retain the material.  But all I really saw were quick sketches; a few maybe had more time spent on them than others but… anyway.  I’d say there was a decent average but guys, this is an ART class! I know Glenn’s all about non-traditional media and stuff but you got traditional sketchbooks, use’em!

Anyway, look at this cute video of children fighting.

Near and Dear to My Heart

SCORE. I got to grade some one who was assigned Possimiste as their artist.  I mean, Jose, your work was decent so therefore you got a decent grade. Coolio. But in your blog you said (and I quote!) “We just asked her what influenced her to do this and she said when she was younger she went to like a concert or something with her parents and she heard like dove music or something like that.”

The words “Or something like that” weren’t too scarce in your vlog… It sounded funny.  Why not say what it was instead of it being “something like” this object…? I joke! kind of…Or something like that?

Anyway, I slightly favor the groups who have Possimiste because she was the only artist I had the honor of contributing towards this falls’ artist list (I may also be a little harsh if you have her and SLACK *hint hint*) and I totally dig her music.  I pick up what she puts down.  It gets me in touch with my hippie side and my favorite song of hers, Behind the Seas, is a big ol’ emotional roller coaster the way it slows and relaxes me and then picks up and pumps me up. IT’S. JUST. SO. GOOD.

Jose Loera, his partners interviewing POSSIMISTE!
KUDOS to working out the interview early and not needing an extention like *cough cough* others.
(Although some had valid excuses.)

And then then there was this guy, Alex.

Alex Kilauano, that is.  He was cool enough to record/edit his interview with his artist and its just so aesthetically pleasing… he got extra points for it.  I felt like I was the one sitting down with her.  He had some deep thoughts in his good vlog as well but this video is really what won me over.

The End 

settaM ocnarF dna avE

Let me just start out by saying, I f**king looove the Mattes.  I really just… I love them. I think they’re genius, they set off so many light bulbs for me.  But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. Kinda maybe.

So first off, this is Jacqlyn.  I chose to show her video because 1) she put so much thought into her responses; she even RESEARCHED.  She went to to get a better understanding of their projects because let’s face it, they’re whack. And it didn’t hurt that she liked them Just. Like. Me. 🙂

I’m open to opposing views. So Magana brothers, FINE.  You make… points.  I’d say “look a little deeper and into the not so literal meanings of the Mattes’ work” but you backed up your opinions with reason. So kudos. (And I don’t quite care for the Starbucks question either…)

And finally… Sydney! Great analysis (hehe, she likes them) and I know it was hard to keep within the time limit and really say what was on your mind, so you’re okay in  my book. Bonus for obeying the time limit but still giving it some deep thought.

And The P2 Winner is…

Jett Montoya! Look at this video! I love it, it’s a goodie. Great

job, extra points for you!

… but don’t think I wasn’t going to mention the awesome-ness at the end of Jeronimo Moran’s video.  Crazy random shovel solo by Tyler Denering! I thought it was super cool.

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“Art is like a falafel.” – Kendra Nebo

Kudos to those of you who completed Project 1, and double if you got a bomb grade.  This was a lot of work but we always have super stars in Art110. Always.


Aka Tayler 

Sadly, guys, I think this may have been the only vlog(video+blog) that made me laugh out loud.  I was hoping for more of those.  But this girl  I mean, watch the vlog! It’s funny right??? And totally answers the questions we asked.  Super A, my friend.  And… can I have your sweater?? Just asking…

This is Grover, Mark and Scott (who I assume are brothers because same last name and in a video together??
That can’t be a coincidence.), and Anthony.

Guys, you really won me over with the music.  I never really played Sims except on a Game Boy SP but… I’ve always secretly wanted to.  This music is from the Sims, right?  Anyway, you guys are funny.  And very thoughtful on random objects such as… a Godzilla cup holder.  I totally remember having that or something like it when the actual movie came out.  But may I ask what it’s for? It’s not holding a cup in a car or anything… I don’t imagine you’d need it on a desk or anything unless you have a bumpy desk?? But I don’t see how a cup holder not attached to anything would help out in that situation.  Yo, help me out. WTF is it for???

By the way, I definitely enjoyed the guest appearance at the beginning.

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You’re allowed to yell his name if you wanna.  He told me so. (On the Facebook group)

HE LIVES, BREATHES, AND EATS FILM.  I mean, I really like film but I prefer to eat ice cream and pasta roni.  It’s cool though, this guys’ a fire cracker, super passionate about film’n’stuff and I can dig it.  Feist at the begining/end?? Okay, I can dig that too.  And making your video black and white totally helped out with the “crappy lighting”.  Nice to look at, good content; good vlog, right?

Bryan made this siiiick steam punk wheel chair.  SO COOL, RIGHT???

I mean, dude, your vlog was alright but I was really blown away by the wheel chair.  I’m really amazed by your mad SecondLife skills and can’t wait to see what’s next from you.  Totally awesome work Bryan.  Virtual high-five, or thumbs up; whichever you prefer.  Some people don’t really like virtual germs.

Buenos Dias Children!

As Chang would say…

(Pssst… I really like the show Community.  And I promise not to shoot you with a paintball gun on the first day of class. Pinky promise.)

So what up maynes?! My name’s Mariha, pronounced like Mariah but just… spelled better.  I guess that’s debatable to some but, eh, whatever.  Why is it spelled like that? Ask me some time, maybe I’ll tell you.

Any way, who am I?? Well, funny story.  I’m actually one of your 7 or 8 TA’s.  Why does this class have so many TA’s?? Because it’s  kind of super fun if you really get into the class.  I got way more than I bargained for out of this class last semester so I can’t wait to see what this semester as a TA brings me (and you).  But seriously, participation makes this class.  You’ll learn a lot and have fun if you’re active in the class but if you don’t bother to be a team player, no mercy will be shown on you from this girl *points to self*.  I’m a tough cookie.

So I’m a Film major (aren’t we all?) and I’m considering a double major in studio art or something like that.  Maybe. We’ll see.  All these ridiculous budget cuts won’t let me take artsy classes or minor in art and I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to get on my nerves.  So let’s fight the system kids, me and my home girl Dan-Tam(another TA) enjoy that kind of stuff.  We’re psychological twins, no big deal.

Jeez, I’m getting off topic.  Sometimes I feel like JD from Scrubs.

OKAY.  My name’s Mariha, I’m from NorCal and I mean REAL NorCal, not the Bay; I’m a film major but I’m super into all sorts of art.  The only one I’m not particularly decent at is dance.  Dance is beautiful, but I’m about as graceful as a watermelon.  I like folk/indie rockish music, some of my favorite musicians are Conor Oberst, Andrew Bird, Margaret Glaspey and Regina Spektor.  And Lupe Fiasco, because he speaks the truth.

LOVE this song/video
Mr Hudson and the Library, (the local-ish band ♥)Hellogoodbye, Death Cab and Best Coast are also my jam. I just really like music, I could go on for hours.  Some of my favorite movies are (500) Days of Summer, How To Be, all three Toy Stories, and Beauty and the Beast and as for TV I love Community, Parks and Rec, Chelsea Lately and I’m a huge Whitest Kids U’Know fan.  I try to embrace my fleeting childhood, but that sometimes doesn’t lead to great decision making on my part.  I do not like cheesy quotes about life/love/other cliche things.  They’re gross.  I sometimes do things I’m told not to do.  I’m a good kid.  I really like religion, it interests me, but I’m not religious.  I use to like change, like switchin’ things up, but I’ve been through a lot of it in the past year.  So Change, if you’re reading this, I think we need a break.  I like meeting new people, SO INTRODUCE YOURSELF.  Sometimes I’m not the warmest, but if you can roll with the weird things I say and maybe throw back some sarcastic responses, you’ll be alright in my book.  But, you know, I’m friendly enough. Talk to me.

Oh yeah, and if you have a nick name, I’ll probably just call you by your full name.  I like doing that.


Last semester Glenn suggested I start a blog.  I don’t think I’m doing it right, but here’s the link anyway if you wanna ch-ch-check it out!

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