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End of the semester

Working as a TA has been an interesting experience. This semester has been busy and intense. I’ve learned to appreciate the work that professors and teachers do a little more and have come to understand what they do and why they do it. Read more »


Sal Galvan’s project 6


P5 – Grimaldo & Galvan

Lots of nice work on Project 5, your Artist’s Studio Visit this week. The best of the best this time around I thought was from Carlos Grimaldo and Sal Galvan. I really liked the fact that Carlos recorded the entire conversation. it’s really nice to see how the conversation went and how well the artist responded to the student, what exactly the student asked instead of intended to ask, etc.


P1 – Prisma Bracho’s Chairs

Prisma Bracho’s project 1.
I really liked her chairs. You can really tell that a lot of effort has been put into them. She has two different chairs. The first one is something you might see in real life, Read more »