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“You’re waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away…” – Mal

Hey guys, second blog post this week. Our 9th TA Dan-Tam is away for the weekend so i’m covering for her. I really didn’t mind. I was really nice to see more students from the class. Get to know them a little better through their vlogs.

Connor Yasuda

He made a chair that was made of the word Chair. It’s so creative. I would have never thought to do something like that. Mad props.

Really well edited. Probably too edited for a vlog but the result is really entertaining. Btw, who told him i was a band geek.  😀

Jose Santos

Really just a crazy amount of prims stacked together. It’s interesting to see the solar system through another persons imagination.


“It’s only the beginning” – Danny Zuko

Lus Garcia’s wiki
Jessica Koehler’s wiki

Indeed this week was only the beginning of 14 more weeks. The good news is you now have all the tough little details out of the way and it’s time to do some art.

I got the chance to grade the 9a class F-L and i saw some pretty awesome projects. For this being week 1, you all did a great job (that’s if you did the project). By now you have noticed that we as TA’s really do go the extra mile for you guys. We’re up at crazy hours answering questions, posting links, walking you through things, loaning lindens without money up front etc.

Well i enjoyed looking at the vlogs and wiki pages that i did. This week we’re going to the beach and doing some plaster casting. What you will be doing is a more basic level than what the pros use. Only the materials are a little different. The pros sand is finer and i don’t think they use sea water regularly…

Anyway, i hope you enjoy the project this week. Enjoy it for the moment. Before you know it, it’s week 15.

– Liz ❤


The beginning of your knowledge of art…everything else barely counts

Hi everyone!! The beginning has finally gotten here. I am really excited to be a TA this semester. I have been a TA for over a year (man i’m old!) which means i’m a “lead TA”.

I took this class the spring of ’10 and i loved it/aced it so much that i became a TA. Every semester since then has been better than the last. I hope that this time with about 8 TA’s that we keep the trend going. If you’re a freshman taking this class, it’s a great class to take because we give you advice not just about art but about school and life.

Normally when i think of lecture i think of my boring chem professor droning on about fixed charges. In art110, Glenn’s lectures are really interesting. This semester is the first time he will be using a movie in every lecture which should be a lot of fun.

All of the projects we do in this class are a lot of fun but one of my favorites is the Graffiti writing in Venice Beach. It’s all legal and it’s really fun to act like a rebel. It’s also cool to see the pro’s that spray paint there work their magic with a can and a concrete wall.

Another one of my favorites is Counterfactual Identity week. I hardly get any work done that week because i’m just on facebook reading all of the madness.

One of the things that got really popular last semester was Eva and Franco. They are the topic of the “textbook” and they are some of the weirdest/awesome-est characters ever.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this semster. Come by during office hours even if it’s to just say hi.

– Liz


So is it real if i say i am fake?

This week in art110 was by far the most chaotic. Things in art110 are pretty much always just a ball of crazy people mixed in with unfiltered posts but this week, we saw the population of art110 group members grow to over 100%

There were also so many duplicates that it was hard to know who was who. Double Mary, Double Glenn, Double Liz, Double Monique, Multiple Edwards, and Multiple Mariha’s!! It got to the point where not only did the group members double, my number of friends also multiplied.

So for this weeks project, we asked you all to go out and make a counter factual identity and so many of you delivered. On thursday in 11a, I went around to every group and i asked if everyone was clear on what we were doing for that project. Judging by the grades, those that bothered to come to class on Thursday and met with me got really high grades so congratulations.

A few things we were looking for:

  • a bio about this “fake” person
  • screenshots of the places where your person resides on the internet. this could mean SecondLife, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • we also looked for your thoughts on the project. was it creepy? was it awesome?
  • lastly, what are your thoughts on the idea of identity?

Finally, here are some really great projects by people who really took the project to the extreme

Trevor Larson

“Reality is something non-physical because it is all a matter of perception and perception is in the mind. For something to be real one simply has to truly believe in it. With these two things in mind we can say everything and nothing is real. We can believe in anything just as we can believe in nothing, thus determining whether something is real or fake. This paints the world in a black and white fashion with the grey area being the gap between my reality and everyone else’s. The words real and fake have their place in the English dictionary; a group of scholars have tried to place an applicable definition meant make these terms universally under stood. However, I feel nothing not ever reality is universal because nothing applies to everyone. The fact that were questioning the terms “real” and “fake” is proof that there is no consensus on what is real. The cliché, “It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it” is a good model for my idea.

Another example makes me think back to my adolescent days. Like the great Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comics we all (or many of us) had pretend friends. We create someone who we could confide in and trust to tell us exactly what we want to hear all the time. So the issue comes down to whether or not this character is real or fake. To everyone else the new persona doesn’t exist in their minds, sometimes leading to much scrutiny towards the person whose reality the aforementioned character belongs to. But to the owner of the newly created friend they are real; they interact and respond to the “imaginary friend”.”

Mary Luu

“Through this project, I learned that fake identity is just as important as real identity. I’ve learned that being a fake person does bring out my thoughts, feelings, emotions. Similar to the idea of SecondLife, creating a fake identity helps define the person who you rather become than the person you already are. Being this fake person does allows me to be different and not worrying how others would judge me and make follow social norms.”

Georgie Aronson

” I really enjoyed doing this project. It is kind of fun pretending to be someone else. I added my boyfriend and a few other friends just playing around. I definitely warned them that it was me so that they didn’t find it as some creeper. I think the most challenging part for me was making this last video. I have never done one before so it was a bit different than normal videos. I figured i would just sum up the life so that I didnt have to pretend to be her, since I look nothing like her! Actually after making her a Tumblr, I made one for myself! It is cool to be someone else for a little while and live a different life than my own. I got most off of a fake name generator. It gave me so much information about her and I just chose a picture and everything. It took me countless “clicks” to figure out a name that I actually thought sounded reasonable. I chose this picture so that people in Art110 might believe her to be an actual college student! 🙂 ”

Mike Guevara

“Now returning to “reality” what I learned from this project was that reality is in the eyes of the beholder. What is real is real but only in the eyes of the beholder. For example something that I’ve personally experienced has shown me that the perception of reality is in the eyes of the person. I personally have experienced and seen god’s hand in my life so I am 100 percent convinced that he exists and that Jesus indeed died for me. To others though either god doesn’t exist or Jesus was just a man or they have their own set of beliefs based on what their perception of reality is. In a way I also learned that what is real and what isn’t real is established within yourself. For instance the people searching for some classmates from Madrid University on Facebook, running into Nwokeocha Ogbonnaya will think awesome he went to my school and then add him and think he is a real person. When I know he is a made up person. ”

Sam Kim

” I’m a social media junkie myself, so it wasn’t long before I created a Twitter account for him and started updating his fake Twitter and Facebook statuses on a frequent and regular basis. In the process, I neglected my own Facebook and started to live on the one I had made for him. I was slowly becoming him, but what I didn’t know was that I wasn’t becoming Edward; I was becoming “Fake Edward,” a character rich in his own detail. I read some cursory facts about Edward on his Wikispaces profile page and, taking a few concrete details, began weaving them into a tapestry far different from where the threads had come. “Fake Edward” would be intelligent and insightful. He would still love Lady Gaga, but this time with a purpose. He would have a shattered background. Whoever read the blog would feel for this Edward. They would show empathy and admire him at the same time. I stopped caring about who Edward was and focused on who he could be.

And then it hit me – that’s what this project was about. Even the title of the project itself was CounterFactual Identity – identity that went against the facts and against the grain. This was not a game of copy-cat, but rather an artistic and social experiment to prove that anyone could become anyone on the internet. Whole histories could be erased and rewritten, whether it was for a real or fictional person. Anyone could exist.”


My email

So i was really bummed after the 11a class today. I had no idea so many of you didn’t understand what we ask of you with regards to the project. That is kind of why i walk around on thursdays asking if you guys have any questions.

With regards to project 15, in class, i guess i really want you all to take notes on the presentation itself. So take notes like “was the gallery aesthetically pleasing?” “what worked with the gallery?” “what didn’t work?”
Jot down a few notes on the artist like “what is their art about?” “what would their art be classified as?”

After class, go back and add a sort of recap with your own take on the presentation, the artist, and the VRAG. “what would you have done had you gotten that artist or was the gallery so good that you couldn’t picture it any other way?” “what do you think the artist is trying to communicate with their art or just do you think what they do is art in the first place? if you don’t think it’s art, tell me why. why would you say that?” “what would you classify this artist as?” “does their work remind you of anything in your life?” “does their work speak to you and your life?”

these are just a few questions to get you started. honestly, just try to go as deep as possible with your thoughts.

Another thing that I thought we covered last thursday in class but after watching presentations today, i realized people still don’t know how to do this. Camera angles. It’s really really tough to watch a presentation when part of the time is spent having your avatar walk up to an image because you don’t know how to angle the camera.

Camera angles take about five minutes to practice:
for all the key commands, hold down those buttons and then the basic mouse movement is left-click and drag in different directions.
– Alt – the zoom angle
– ctrl-alt – angles
– ctrl-alt-shift – pan
practice these angles in SecondLife and hopefully, (fingers crossed) there will be less presentations spent watching avatars move around.

If there are still questions, (extra-credit, P12, P13, P15, camera angles, SecondLife) either email me, contact me on facebook, or just ask me in class on Thursday.

Again, really sorry that the directions were not clear on P15. Hopefully i cleared some stuff up
– Liz


Spray Paint, Sand, Culture, and a whole lot of Sun burn

So P11 was to go to Venice Beach and graffiti on the legal art walls. This was the first semester that I saw so many use stencils. One of my favorites was the one made by Carlos Garcia. He took a couple of pictures of Glenn and turned them into stencils.

Very nice work.

A couple of things i noticed while reading all the 9a projects:

  1. this has nothing to do with you guys but just something i noticed with myself. I have gotten so used to going to all of your profile pages every week that i have practically memorized your profile pictures. When i opened Kristen Llama’s profile page, I found myself doing the peace sign with her even before the page had loaded.
  2. Another thing, people are starting to slip up on the naming of pictures. I saw a few projects whose pictures did not match up because the names that were assigned to the pictures were too generic. Remember to fix that before uploading
  3. while on the subject of pictures, lots of people did not edit their pictures. Many of the grades i gave could have been higher if only people had remembered to resize their pictures.
  4. Also, parking trouble. I know so many people had trouble with parking. For me, i got to read about how bad the traffic and the parking was in Venice about 5o times in one sitting. Complaint overload. I am maxed out.

I also got to go to Venice on Saturday and I loved it. The funny thing is, while I was reading through people’s projects, people kept referencing to Zevs whenever their graffiti art started to drip. I found it funny because, when i went to Venice, i went with all 9a people. Whenever their artwork started to drip i would laugh and say “that’s very Zevs” and several times they would look at me and ask what Zevs meant? Turns out 9a doesn’t have the privilege of knowing who Zevs is. Noobs 😛

Another thing, many times i would read about how people were afraid of covering up a “professional” graffiti artist’s work with their “amateur” stuff. To that I say, What Would Eva And Franco Do? This semester we have learned that art is constantly changing and evolving. You shouldn’t be intimidated by what has been done in the past. Just go and do. Do what you feel. And don’t feel like an amateur as you’re doing it. I promise you you will feel more like a graffiti artist than you ever thought you could feel.

So here are some of the really great projects:

Khaled Malik

“In this picture I realized something beautiful. This moment wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about the project. It wasn’t about the fact the spray can I was holding was empty and I was pretending to paint. No, it was about something more than that. If you look above my back, there is a tag that says Nacho loves Gina. To some it may not be a big deal but to me, it made my trip meaningful.
First of all I’d like to thank both Nacho and Gina. I’d like to thank Nacho for tagging that on the wall and I’d like to thank Gina for dating a dude named Nacho. That again is the reason my trip was more meaningful. Amidst all of the word chaos on the wall, someone wanted to let everyone know who they love. Even if it’s a petty scribble on a wall someone will probably tag over in a few hours, it was still there at one point. And for the that moment I captured it.”

Mike Berg

“The reason I chose the name Grub was that I though about the kind of artist that I want to be, and if I were a street artist what I would want to accomplish. I would want to be everywhere and consume the world with my work, so Grub just fit, also because it has most of the letters of my last name. I also threw up LBC and my zip just to rep it…I also thought back to BOMB IT! and remembered the French street artist Blek le Rat talking about the first art on walls being prehistoric cave paintings, and a caveman chewed up berries that made dye and put his hand against the wall and spit it against it, making a print of his hand. I decided to pay it a little homage…When reflecting on how graffiti fits into the world of art and how I fit into the world of graffiti, I reaffirmed my beliefs that graffiti is an art form that doesn’t need to be sanctioned publicly to thrive. There is also a difference between vandalism and art that isn’t clarified many times. That creates an appeal to it that may reach many creative people who would otherwise not reach their potential. I do enjoy graffiti, but it’s just a hobby for me. I’ll leave the stage clear for the artists naturally gifted in it, and stick to my passion which is film.”

Joseph Maurer

“When I heard we had to do this project, I started thinking about what I wanted to create. At first, I wanted to make something significant that sends out a message about  my life. I couldn’t really think of anything though and even if I did, I doubt I would have been able to express it through graffiti art. So instead, I just decided to grab a bunch of spray paint, empty my brain, and let my creative juices flow. The result? a badass dragon”

Yasmine San Pedro

“Overall the experience was so amazing. Even if I’m not good at tagging or drawing I really want to push to doing this as a hobby. Kristen and I both agreed that we wanted to do this on the side, practicing on canvas and cardboard until we got better. So that when we do return to the wall, we could actually make a piece of our own. Even if the experience was brief, I really won’t forget it. It’s one thing to see people’s pieces and take pictures of them. But it’s a whole different experience to just be actually doing it, and trying something new. Even if it’s already painted over, at least my piece was up there so that people could briefly see what I wanted to say and show.. “


Monique went from being an egg to a chicken

So this past weeks project was a synthesis of all the lectures and presentations that have been done up to this point. I don’t know if everyone realized or remembered but it was worth 150 points.

Some common things that i saw were:

– a lot of bullet points telling what a simple google search could have told me. It would have better to know how you as the art110 student felt about the artist

– it was rare but i did see some projects that contained the wrong information. Last time i checked, the Finishing School we were studying in class was not a girls private school

I did not realize this before but i guess i made an error on the eyewtka page for 11a. “Much like their artist, Banksy’s group chose to remain anonymous and not show up for their presentation.”


Spring Break = Rebecca Black, Asians, Venice Beach, and Pranks

This week is Spring Break and Monique, Glenn, and I miss you all!!  🙂  So not looking forward to the stress of next week though  😦
Because we didn’t get to see you guys we tried to keep everyone in the loop using the facebook page.
Tuesday morning glenn posted this video:

which was very nice of him
P.S. everything he said is 100% true
Again this week, we got the ball rolling with the topic of Rebecca Black (I think that one was my fault). Truly awful stuff actually. It sucks that people say such mean things but welcome to Hollywood. If you can’t handle the criticism, don’t enter show business.
The prank videos started when i posted this video:

truly amazing stuff. It’s funny how two guys have to open our eyes and tell us that the main stream media thinks we are “worthless human beings” if we are not constantly consuming everything our planet has. Another interesting question they raise is Why do children need to learn how to rip “peoples bodies to shreds”? It is a capitalist world we live in.
My Brother was actually to blame for the Asian rant response video. I had no idea that that girl even existed.

Well as it turns out she dropped out of UCLA and, just like Rebecca Black, she’s trying to get famous with no talent whatsoever. Sad world we live in. On the bright side, it gave the asians in the art110 class to learn that Michael Tombor is part asian.
As many of you should already know, the venice beach projects are coming up and we’re saying this because these projects aren’t something you’re going to want to start 11:30 pm sunday night. These projects actually require you to go to Venice Beach and do some graffiti. You also have the option of doing a group video about venice beach. On the home page i have posted a video that is a great example of what you might want to do for your project here is another:

If you are not a good spray painter, try what this student did:
In Conclusion….
1. Time is running out on the venice beach projects
2. the legal art walls are only open on the weekends which means you only have 6 chances left to do the graffiti project
3. P10 is due next sunday so hopefully you all have your lecture synthesis done.
See you all next Tuesday in UT 108


Mission: Get Eva and Franco to come to CSULB!!!

Spring Break is here!!!!

Not that i don’t love my classes or helping out in art110 but i am beat. 2 midterms in one day… ouch!

So this week was curating week and as many of you realized, CSULB ran out of prims!!!! unfortunately we cannot have an unlimited number of prims 😦 or else we would have had you all build as much as you’d like but now we have to enforce the 300 prim limit. For every prim over 300, you will lose 1 point. Sorry but it has to be this way.

This week in art110 office hours (which usually consists of a few students), we talked about Eva and Franco attending the “From Appropriation to Infiltration: Accessing Public through Tactical Media”. Unfortunately, it is being held in Boston 😦

We were so close to just ditching that week, getting on a plane to Boston and just stalking Eva and Franco (or in the case of most of us Art 110 girls, just Franco). Turns out tickets are about $300 so unless the Beach Hut wants to sponsor the whole class (and i’ve seen their prices. they can afford it) looks like we won’t be going   😦    Somewhere Mariha Lowe weeps…

Plan B is now to just sacrifice my laptop with any virus the Mattes plan on emailing me and ask them if they can please come to CSULB. I hope they appreciate pleading.

Here are three galleries i found interesting. Doesn’t mean they had the best P8 but that i liked their gallery:

Rachel Bloom


Vanesa Sanchez, Daniel Vidal, Bonnie Sandoval

I loved this gallery because they successfully made media on a prim! Rachel Bloom will be so proud!

Four Yip


Angela Rodarte, Carlos Garcia, Gabriel Garcia

This gallery is so abstract looking and fits Four Yips artwork. I could definitely see Four Yip’s art being displayed in a space like this if this were in the physical world.

Eva and Franco Mattes

Thomas Krebs, Connie Wong, Jose Munoz, Nelson Nguyen

This gallery took all the things that are fun and put them into a gallery form.


I’m Feeling The Midterm Low Point…blah

This week we got to test out the new lab which was awesome!! Kinda small though. We will all be very close and cozy though.

We also found out that i should replace Oprah once she retires. Mike Berg and Trevor Larson didn’t know they were related before they met me. Your welcome.  🙂

Lots of good essays this week. I’m finally feeling some Eva and Franco love. For the few who still have not come around, it’s no problem. To each his own radical Italian artist but it was nice to read less complaining.<

Here are some pretty good excerpts I read:

Stolen Pieces

“The Mattes have changed my perception on art and its relation to time. I have always believed that when a piece of art is finished, its finished. However, its clear to me now that i have never been so wrong. When i look at art i imagine the artist putting their heart and sole into that piece in the particular moment it was created. This is why i was annoyed in the beginning of reading this article because the Mattes do not have the right to take pieces off of a master piece.
As i continued reading, i began to realize that art was made to stand for some idea or emotion in that moment, but it could stand for something different later in time. The changes in art make it come alive. Art changes, just like we change as human beings. Just as we wear and tear over time, so does art. Art definitely does increase in value as it shows its history because not only did it look amazing when it was original, time will add effect that increases the value. Art is a living thing. Eva and Franco agree with that statement and feel the original is overrated and we should let art live.”

Ben Tinsley

“What I find interesting is the “material” they steal to use as their own. They are not any unique or significant pieces of work, but rather minuscule pieces that may or may not have ever been noticed. Now here is where I read something interesting which was that Eva and Franco kept all their pieces in a single box, which I would be extremely curious to take a peek at one day. I cannot decide whether this is ingenious, or incredibly stupid. Hiding everything in one spot can be beneficial if you hide it well. However, if is found by the wrong person, EVERYTHING is in jeopardy! I think it would be wiser for the Mattes to scatter their “findings.” I picture this like Harry Potter, (if anyone here is a HP fan) in that Voldemort scattered his horcuxes all around the world so even if someone came across one, there were still 6 others to find. If Harry found all 7 in the same spot, there would be no need for that 7th book. I think that as creative as Eva and Franco are, that dispersing all their pieces in different areas would be fun for them.”

– Chris Allen

So what do Eva and Frank think about the concept of “the original?”

“Eva and Franco believe that “the original” is overrated. In a way, they believe that “the original” is a slave to its own self and is stuck in the past, and that it should be like in The New Adventures of Old Christine: even old people should have new stories. Old dogs can learn new tricks, and sometimes better tricks than any regular puppy trick. When an old artwork is seen in a new light, it is in a way “reinvented” and gains another few minutes of fame; sometimes it is given a 180 degree turn and is analyzed in a new plethora of ways.

They seem to be fans of Duchamp whole messing-with-other-people’s-stuff philosophy. When we see the Mona Lisa, someone mentions that “some guy drew a mustache on her once.” It is something that gives it a new story although when Mona Lisa was fresh off the canvas no one knew (or at least recorded a prediction) that was going to happen.

We like to think that history was the “good ol’ times” where everyone was pure and clean. A century from now people in the future will see us that way too. Eva and Franco just try to spice up the present and possibly the future.”

– Vanesa Sanchez

Darko Maver: Art, Death & Myth-Making

“The dark twist behind Darko Maver’s art was “that while artists are making shocking artwork absorbed by the market, real violence is being perpetrated and ignored by a media-anesthetized world” (58). Darko Maver’s “art” (but really Mattes’ art) was so graphic, bloody, and gruesome in order to stress the real violence that goes on in the world. His life is not any less real then the lives of avatars on Second Life or other online sites as well that may find it difficult to live in the real world.”

– Jessica Rose

It Means What It Says

“They believe in people creating their own history rather than being given a history. What we do matters. In Viterbo, Italy, plaques are put on most buildings commemorating events or that some illustrious character lived or died there. “Don’t give in to reality: create your own version of it and make others believe it” (p.106). That’s exactly what the Mattes did. Eva and Franco created their own history by putting up their own plaque, not to humiliate the building, but to criticize the exploitation of historic heritage and the power of the dead over the living. Putting up the plaque isn’t what made it history, it was the people talking about it at bus stops later that made it history. Everyday we are given the freedom of making our own reality. It’s up to us to create our own history.”

– Natalie Wilson

It’s Always Six O’Clock

“MAIN THEMES= appropriation; recycle culture, plagiarism copy, remixing take the original and change it in some way, culture jamming; doing what is against cultural norms, and identity simulation; applying the everyday to abnormal characters . So it seems the Mattes take past culture, things we remember unchanged in our minds, make a copy of it, then change it in some way by applying concepts applicable to us and modern culture in a way that is outside the norm. No doubt it is effective to illustrate your point. First your attention is captured by familiar pop culture icons. you then continue to look on as you intrigue peaks because this icons is being represented in a way outside the normal context of what you have seen in the past. you realize this upsets you because it goes against what you know to be true. this scares you because you realize what your looking at resembles YOU.”

– Trevor Larson

United We Stand

“I feel that the plot of the movie was sort of the desired message of the project. Like they say in the book, war between America and China is inevitable, and the movie asks the question: Can Europe stay strong when both of these countries wage war and destroy the world? And that’s just what the project asks people to do. Think about it: What will we as a people do when America and China both crumble? Will we be able to carry on as a continent and stay strong? This is a terrific message and I actually find the movie’s plot to be highly original and very awesome. I think that when I become a professional filmmaker, I’ll steal the plot from them. I think they’d like that. I’ll show the movie anywhere but the US. Then maybe they’ll bootleg it and sell it later! You never know with those two!”

– Bo Lotti


It’s tough being a mixed reality TA

I think Monique and I agree that she and I spent the better portion of our weekend on Facebook and in Secondlife.  Therefore, we spent some of our time in the reality of our first life and a some of our time in the virtual world of our secondlife.

After spending almost 2 hours of grading (in between we took a break to go out and freeze our butts off in the wind) we got through it!!

I definitely enjoy seeing what everyone came up with. So many groups really stepped it up and created these incredible pieces of architecture. I also noticed a lot of groups using the body sculpts i bought in Secondlife. I had no idea they were going to be used so much. The $2 i spent buying the sculpts have been worth it.

Another thing i really liked about your galleries is that many of you have gotten creative with your ideas. If these places existed in the first life as well as the second life, i would be at your galleries in a second. I’m sure you have all made your Artists proud.

As for some areas of concern

  • Flickering prims – this means that the prims have not been properly aligned. instead they have been jammed together and now the prims are fighting each other to show through
  • In a few projects, i read that some people think you have to pay money to have trees and plants. I did not spend my time looking for free full permission trees and plants just so people wouldn’t use them!!!  There are so many free things in the art store. You just have to go in and browse
  • I don’t know if many of you realize but if you get something in SecondLife, you have to make sure it is FULL PERM. Full perm means full permissions. Sometimes things that say they are free have some sort of restriction on them (no copy, no modify, no transfer). These restrictions are not going to make your life easy when it comes time to turn your gallery in.  Every thing in the art store is full permission so go ahead and have fun with that.
  • Also, I know this is probably the toughest thing out of all the things on this list, be careful not to do your projects at the last minute (*cough*cough* sunday night). It’s not fun for me and Monique to read about how the project was too difficult and how the internet was not working on this particular weekend

Here are some of the best architectures of the 11a class:

Eva And Franco Mattes – Thomas Krebs, Nelson Nguyen, Connie Wong, and Jose Munoz

Joseph DeLapp – Armando Perez, Linh Nguyen, and Hilbert Garcia


Zevs – Dan Tam Pham, Mary Luu, and Edward Martinez


Art110 Is Full Of Hackers!!!

This week’s project seemed to be confusing and full of irony. So many people only answered the questions and did not give any reaction or meaning to what they wrote. It was very disheartening because i was looking forward to the reactions.

Also, there were a lot of people who spent their time talking about their “why i hate Eva and Franco”. Last time i checked, that wasn’t what P4 was about. I appreciate that they gave us their opinion but besides that, couldn’t they have given us a “why Eva and Franco did what they did”

Another thing that was painful to read was the spelling mistakes. People, it is EVA & FRANCO, not “Franko” or “Frcanco”. Although…Franco might appreciate it. He might use it as his next alias!

It was also interesting to see people’s view on the University Library vs. Starbucks Library debate. For the papers i read, the results turned out as follows.

It’s funny how over 80% of people think it should not be named Starbucks Library when everyday we are exposed to places like the Staples Center and the Honda Center. Only some people go into the library to study and a huge portion of the people that go into the library don’t go there for the books. It’d be interesting to see what portion of the 88% of people who voted no, actually go to the library for the books.

I think the most ironic thing i found in this project is when people practically wanted to slap the cuffs on Eva and Franco because they were stealing art. I think it’s safe to say that half the papers i read described Net.Art as “a Post-Modern Avant-Garde website”!!! Now I may be wrong here but there are a couple of possibilities as to why that is. 1. half the class got together to do their P4 and they decided to phrase it this way or 2. they all copied that line out of the book. It sounds to me like half of 11a learned a little more than what Hacktivism is. I’m almost certain these are the same people who wanted to call the cops on Eva and Franco.

The best advice i can give for when the class reads Chapter 2 is to use your own words when talking about the reading.

Elizabeth Jaimes

“Eva & Franco are very brave in my opinion because they also exposed themselves, quoting “privacy is stupid”. Without any limits they let the world know what they were doing and up too. Their project Life Sharing made them no longer know what was real or not, what is private or public, their aim was to be one with the computer and be dispersed through the internet.”

Chris Allen

“In my opinion these two need to be booked and thrown in jail and then they can have fun creating art on the cell walls. Though I hate to admit it, I do feel as if their “art theft” does say something about art. The two of them demonstrate how art does not only have to be appreciated by those who are sophisticated and does not have to be sold to those who have money. Art should be appreciated and affordable to E V E R Y O N E.”

Sam Kim

“Quaranta writes that “reality is not something fixed and unchangeable, but exists only in our perception. Manipulating that perception…means altering reality.” Eva and Franco don’t consider themselves to be artists, and maybe they’re not. Perhaps they’re more akin to modern day philosophers. Either way, there is no doubt that their works have radically changed the definition and meaning of both art and reality – at least for this writer.”

Alex Nauta

“Now I would be lying if I said that like many, their shinanigans didn’t tick me off or strike a chord of irritation. But in hindsight you realize thats the brilliance of it all and you certainly aren’t one to judge them for it. I mean invoking such a strong reaction out of others, well thats the whole purpose. Why stage such horrendous deaths similar to images that can be found on sites like Why fake the joy of an ended war to so many people? Why point out the hypocrosies of top tier private corporations and mass media?”


Who Is Esperanza Spalding?!

The Grammy’s were this week and as always, Lady Gaga was one of the most interesting things there (along with Muse and Mumford and Sons).  I think the biggest question of the night was “Who is Esperanza Spalding?”. After that award was handed out, Facebook was blowing up with the same question being asked over and over again. According to itunes, this is her most popular song:

Oh well. I guess we’ll all have to live with the decision just like the art110 class has to live with the topics that were assigned to them.

Monique decided to do all the grading by herself so she chose these people but i totally agree with the decision.

Trevor Larson – Zaha Hadid

Looks pretty good for being 61 years old!

“Hadid’s main design concept creates spaces that blur the difference between building and landscape and the flow of interior and exterior by combining them.”

Mary Luu – Zevs


“If a person is capable of expressing art through tagging walls and grounds to show others what art is, why do we restrain them from offering what they have to share to the world?”

Alex Nauta – Fallen Fruit


“The art in itself looks at the object of fruit both symbolically and literally in how much of a role it plays in our community along with its social and political implications.”


Crying Homeless Guy and Daft Punk…Not A Good Combo

So this week in Art110, we watched Bomb It and started our VRAG’s!!!

For those who were not able to watch Bomb It with us:

starts at 4:00min with Paris

Amsterdam starts on 7:50

continuation of Amsterdam

Cape Town starts on 4:00

Sao Paulo starts on 8:45

continuation of Sao Paulo

continuation of Sao Paulo

Tokyo starts on 2:13

Bomb It was awesome as always. If we had watched the entire documentary it would have really made you question whether Graffiti really is a bad thing. It would have raised a lot more questions like why do we always tend to assume Graffiti and poverty go hand in hand. The truth is that it sounds completely absurd when it’s out of context like that. Why do we think that? Could it be that here in Southern California, we tend to see more graffiti in low income and high crime rate areas as opposed to the suburbs? It could be. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one causes the other right?

For the Paris part, I found something very interesting. I’ve spent the better part of my life studying French Culture so it wasn’t news to me but it’s a unique difference. Here in the U.S., we think of the inner city as the crime area but in Paris, the inner city is where all the wealthy French people live. The suburbs of Paris are the poor areas. It’s a unique thing.  Capetown was really cool too. In the U.S. we think of graffiti as vandalism but in Capetown it’s actually a political statement and it also brings color to areas that don’t usually contain artwork.

Brazil seemed to be the most like the U.S. but my favorite part was the part with the homeless man that was practically in tears when he was describing the generosity of the graffiti artist. It was such a sad point in the video but meanwhile i was blasting Technologic by Daft Punk on my iPod.  It wasn’t on purpose. It just  happened to be on at that time.

yeah…not much of a tear jerker…

Thursday was the best. Everyone got to pick their different artists and they are all so amazing. It’s great because i’m not too familiar with some of these artists (Nancy Popp, Finishing School…) and the SecondLife ones (Joseph DeLapp, Miso Susanowa…). It should be a lot of fun working with these artists and creating a space to house their work.


Why is Pau Gasol so hot?!

Week three just started and i couldn’t be more tired of school already.

Monday began with grading 11a projects. Unfortunately, the Laker game was on at the same time that i was trying to grade projects so i ended up doing a lot more day dreaming about Pau Gasol rather than being focused on the projects.

So many people got really high scores on their projects. Unfortunately, people seem to be forgetting how to name their pictures and how to resize them.

Fortunately, the Lakers won and i got to see Pau Gasol play an awesome game. Also, i think i gave out more 90’s this time than last week. Congrats!!

Lotti, Bo   

Larson, Trevor   BEACH_TRIP_ART110_081.JPG

Guevara, Mike


Cong-Huyen, Mirabella

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