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Screenshot FAIL

I dont know why there are so many people who didnt have any screenshots of their progress of their VR galleries, or people just not doing the project. P8 was to show us how you have been doing on your VR installation projects so far and let us know if you are having any difficulties. How can you show us your progress so far without any screenshots?
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P5-Artist Meetup/Amnesty

With the end of the week, you guys had to either meet your artist and/or fix up your past projects for a better grade. Though, amnesty didn’t go as well as I had hoped, there were some still light to be seen at the end of the tunnel. The Vaneeesa Blaylock group did an awesome job contacting their artists beforehand, setting up their meeting with her, and then being on time and conducting an interesting interview. So KUDOS to Yesenia Beltran, Brad Yarde, and Adam Stallings!!!! Read more »


P1 & P2 in da house! (9a O-Z)

Hi everyone! Its been a tough couple of weeks but now you’re a fifth of the way into the semester. I have to say that it was amazing to see your chairs on Secondlife, and your cool plaster castings. You all did an amazing job with putting together your blogs and youtube videos as well. Read more »


For the Love of… 9a(A-G)

…ALL THINGS AWESOME OMG YOUR P11’s WERE AMAZING!!!! I couldnt believe how hard you guys tried on P11 just wonderful work.
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Rename and Resize FAIL!!! 11a(A-G)

I have to say that just about EVERYONE got points taken off for not renaming and/or resizing their photos. This made grading extremely difficult to grade since your wikis took 5+minutes to load. That is probably the main reason why grading took so long. But they are finally graded. Sorry it took so long.
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What shall become of them now?

Now that the project is over, what is to become of your Counterfactual Identites? Will they remain part of the the virtual society, or will they be killed off just as quickly as they were brought into existence. Well some of you said that you did kill off you CFI’s. So A prayer out to those who we knew for so short a while, but who brought such warmth into our hearts!
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A More Enjoyable Read of E&F. 9a (H-N)

Most of you said in your vlogs that you thought this reading was a lot more enjoyable then the last reading. I liked these readings as well. But you guys did do a great job on your vlogs!!! Some of you even spoke to the camera when you were dying from throat infections and infectious colds! Ewww…But there were a lot of you who sought deep into the reading and gave great views about Eva and Franco’s projects. The only thing that irked me was that most of you still couldn’t pronounce their last name, Mattes. Its Mot-tez!!!!
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The Dread is Over? 9a (H-N)

Man! There was so many obstacles that you guys had to over come with P7. Computer fails in the lab, Internet going out, having to obey prim limits, Island at prim capacity multiple times. Aren’t you guys glad that your galleries are just about done, if not already done? You guys are all awesome. Especially for putting up with the all the SecondLife DRAMA!!!!

Even with all the issues, everyone said that their galleries are going very well. AND IT SHOWS!!! Totally awesome galleries. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Galleries. I’m glad though that your frustrations on SecondLife are minimizing slowly. And now you don’t have much left to do on SecondLife!!! YAY for some of you, especially the IHATESECONDLIFE peep.

There are so many galleries that I saw and LOVED! But unfortunately, I can only pick a few.

Patrick Ho’s Gallery on Alizarin Goldflake @D@

OMGWTFBBQ MAN! This gallery is awesome. I remember seeing this gallery when the they were starting to build the castle. And look at it now! LOOK!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!! These people put a lot of work into it. I just love how this gallery turned out. ❤

Vincent Hoang’s Gallery of Garnet Hertz *O*

I love this gallery. It looks completely, utterly, truly awesome. It might not be finished but man it looks totally awesome. It is awesome how the floors are see-through and you can see underneath. Vincent and his group members did an amazing job, and they stayed true to their idea of giving their gallery a futuristic feel. I cannot wait to see it when its all finished.

Mark and Scott Magana’s Koning and Eizenberg Gallery >D<

These guys are the reason why VirtualCSULB runs out of prims. But man! Their structures are truly amazing. The Brothers are some serious Professional SecondLife Builders!!!

Tayler Nicholson’s Gallery of Vaneeesa Blaylock ^3^

Ummm. WOW!!! This gallery has REALLY come through a transformation. I remember seeing this gallery on thursday lab and it was nothing like this. BUT MAN! Tayler and her group members pulled their gallery out of a magician’s hat of awesomeness!!!


Epic Galleries of Epicness!

Holy crap! There are so many great galleries out there. And here I thought that MY gallery was awesome. Your galleries butchered mine and threw it in a dumpster. I love how you guys are really putting a lot of work and effort into these galleries. I loved hearing in your vlogs about how much your liked, struggled, or changed ideas with your galleries. Thats the fun thing about making these galleries. You think of new and exciting things to do with your galleries.

I know that some of you might be over this, but keep at it! Just one more week and they are due and then you’ll just have to worry about presenting your galleries.

Here are some P6’s that really caught my attention and were completely awesome. Mind you if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like your galleries. They were all awesome.

Tyler Denering’s P6

Holy &#!@!!!! ((Please excuse my french)) This gallery is totally awesome. The epicness of epic. Sounds like I’m favoriting. However, looking at this gallery is truly amazing. You can see the pain, frustration, and inspirations that this group put into their gallery. I love how they use the water scrips to give the gallery a motionful, underwater atmosphere. The dangling pom-poms look really cool too. 



Tatsuya Ando’s P6

I love how Tatsuya set up his projects. They are always so neat, indepth, and just too cool. He showed how his group spit up the work of their galleries, and even showed what each and every person in the group was doing. Very nice.

Kelly Barbeau’s P6

I love how Kelly’s gallery is coming out, and how they have big plans to make it even better.

And Vanna Chem’s P6

Vanna had great pictures for his gallery. But it was his Vlog that got his win. Video bombing and “ghostly” interactions. ❤



Potholes–Kendal–Mckenzie 11a(A-D)

Congrats to those people who did the project this week. I know that we asked a lot of you to go see your artist in person/SL/Skype but it was one of the best ways to get to know your artist other than what Google had to say about them.

One of the main issues that I kept running into was the renaming and resizing of photos. That should be the easy points, not the ones that bring down your grade. If you don’t resize your photos then it might take forever for your page to load, and if you dont rename your photos to something unique and pertaining to the project, then your photos might get overwritten with someone elses pictures. If you guys are still having trouble with this then come see us in office hours. Also if you are having trouble embeding your videos please come to office hours so we can help you.

Also, we did ask for the artists’ responses to your questions. Some of you guys didn’t even type them out. You might have had them in the videos that you recorded but we wanted them written out on your wiki. Be happy we weren’t grading down on that.

There were a lot of great P4’s out there though. And some projects with lots and lots of pictures. I like pictures. So it was cool to see all the photos that were take of your groups and artists. Here are some that I really did like



Vanna Chem’s P4 was awesome. Vanna and his group recorded their skype meeting audioly, visually, awesomely. What was better was that he and his group were able to show themselves so that way Potholes could see who they were talking. Awesome Job Vanna.



Gracie Kendal

I was impressed with all the research that Guadalupe had on her page. Half of it was on what she researched on the Gracie Kendal. But what was even more impressive was that Guadalupe saved the whole conversation box of the interview. And of course Lots of pictures, awesome picture. Kudos to Guadalupe and her group for meeting with Gracie Kendal together.


Annalie Mckenzie

Tyler Denering’s P4 was awesome! though he didn’t write down the artist’s responsesBUT ANYWAYS. There were so many awesome pictures. It looks like he snuck away from the artist and took pictures of amazing works, then snuck back to take a photo with his artist. Amazing work.





Dudes with Pipes Always Wins! 9a (N-R)

That was the common sentence in a lot of your videos. But there were a lot of cool videos made out there with very thoughtful ideas about Eva and Franco.

Congrats on another project down. 3 down, 12 or so more to go! If you guys are still having trouble with the wiki let us know in Lab or Office hours. Or you can set up a time to me with us on Fridays in AS-120. We can show you how to embed a video, link back to your profile page, or how to make a “projects” page. You guys will be graded down if you guys don’t do these things correctly.


Awesome work you guys. It was fun to see your insights on the dynamic duo, and your thoughts about their works. But there were a few who went beyond just answering each question. They dug deep and really thought about who Eva and Franco were and understood what they were trying to do or show with their projects.

Tayler Nicholson’s Vlog

Elliot Osrin’s Vlog


You guys have to  interview your artists BEFORE Sunday for your P4. So set up an interview with your artists ASAP with your question. Let us know if you guys are having trouble getting a hold of your artists or if there are time conflicts.



P2 is now done and over with. Hopefully you guys were telling the truth in your P2’s and thought that it was a fun project. But unfortunately, a lot of people were docked points for not renaming and/or resizing your photos. We tried to go around on Facebook and letting you guys know whats up. Most of you guys fixed the problems, others didn’t bother.

If you haven’t already JOIN THE ART110 FACEBOOK PAGE. That is the only way you guys are going to be able to help you with what ever questions or problems that you might encounter with the project.

Anyways, it was awesome to go through your P2s; there were a lot of interesting pictures that were taken, great explanations of your experiences, and entertaining videos.

Rebekah Renovato’s P2

Rebekah made an awesome video on beach adventure!!! 😀

Natalie Rodriguez’s P2

Natalie did a fantastic job. She mad a little video while she was at the beach. Wrote about her experiences. And had great pictures as well. She truly did challenge her self by making her casts look like a heart when they came together. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Brandon White’s P2

Even though Brandon’s videos were all thumbs, he did describe the procedures and talk about what he though. He was extremely positive when his plaster mold of his foot suddenly turned into a boot.

There were other great ones, but these stood out to me. Good work guys and have fun reading about the infamous duo, Eva and Franco Mattes!!!


“My favorite color is Rainbow”~ Nadine Rojas. Awesome Peeps of 11a R-Z

Everyone did a great job with project 1. Lots of people came to the Labs on Thursday and Friday and asked for help. There was a lot of people who joined  the Art110 Facebook page and asked tons of great questions.

I graded the 11a class, people with last names beginning  R-Z. All of you guys did an AWESOME, AWESOME job on your P1’s. Going through and looking at your chairs and Vlogs, I couldn’t make my mind up which ones were my favorites!!! You all worked so hard, and were extremely patient with all the work that we had you guys do. And for that I thank you for sticking out through such a hard project. Next week’s project won’t be so stressful, I swear. 

Mario Ramrez’s Vlog

There were so many awesome vlogs, showing and expressing who you are and what your idea of what art is. But Mario did make his Vlog most entertaining to watch.


Quinlan Smith’s Wiki

Quinlan’s vlog and chair was amazing. He put in alot of work and effort into his work. The video was AMAZING and his chair INCREDIBLE. Way to go Quin!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Anthony Trejo’s Chair





Anthony’s chair looks incredibly spiffy. When I saw him working on it, I had to sit on it. I’m surprised he didn’t kick him off when I randomly sat on his chair with him. But Anthony’s chair looks fantastic and looks like he put a lot of time and effort in it.

Great work everyone, I really did enjoy going through your projects. P2 is at the beach so don’t forget to bring your shovels, buckets, plaster, and cameras. And have some fun. You all deserve it after this project. Good luck with life everyone!!



TA-Nessa Welcomes you all to ART110

Hiya Persons!!!!

Welcome to Art 110. This is a really fun class that you will enjoy!!!!… or hate.

There are lots of projects that you will have to do ((But dont worry, most of them are fun)). With lots of work, means lots of time. So make sure you give yourself time to do the work. Since we DO NOT accept any late work, do the projects early. If anyone needs any help/questions with about anything dont hesitate to ask! <<33