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Near and Dear to My Heart

SCORE. I got to grade some one who was assigned Possimiste as their artist.  I mean, Jose, your work was decent so therefore you got a decent grade. Coolio. But in your blog you said (and I quote!) “We just asked her what influenced her to do this and she said when she was younger she went to like a concert or something with her parents and she heard like dove music or something like that.”

The words “Or something like that” weren’t too scarce in your vlog… It sounded funny.  Why not say what it was instead of it being “something like” this object…? I joke! kind of…Or something like that?

Anyway, I slightly favor the groups who have Possimiste because she was the only artist I had the honor of contributing towards this falls’ artist list (I may also be a little harsh if you have her and SLACK *hint hint*) and I totally dig her music.  I pick up what she puts down.  It gets me in touch with my hippie side and my favorite song of hers, Behind the Seas, is a big ol’ emotional roller coaster the way it slows and relaxes me and then picks up and pumps me up. IT’S. JUST. SO. GOOD.

Jose Loera, his partners interviewing POSSIMISTE!
KUDOS to working out the interview early and not needing an extention like *cough cough* others.
(Although some had valid excuses.)

And then then there was this guy, Alex.

Alex Kilauano, that is.  He was cool enough to record/edit his interview with his artist and its just so aesthetically pleasing… he got extra points for it.  I felt like I was the one sitting down with her.  He had some deep thoughts in his good vlog as well but this video is really what won me over.

The End 


Plaster of Paris at Seal Beach

Kristine 'n Paulina

Hi guys!

Just wanted to say how much fun the TA’s and I had workin’ & hangin out with y’all at Seal Beach Pier yesterday!

Alex Kilauano

Sorry not everyone could make it to that one time slot… but with 200++ students, it’s kind of nice to be able to spend a little time with a smaller group of peeps and actually chat a bit.

Pamela Payad’s cool vid!

And WoW, what a day!!! Perfect weather! So fun! Really had a great time. Hope you all did too. Or if you’re going today (Friday) or over the weekend, hope you have a great time also. Anwyay, that’s it. Just wanted to say thanks for spending a little time at the beach with us and thanks for spending a little time with us this semester.

When you’re not busy worrying about “how do you define ‘real?’ “ remember it’s a nice idea to have 3 sets of goals: Short, Medium, Longshort is like what do I want to accomplish today or this week… medium is like what do I want to accomplish this year or in my 4 years at CSULB… and long is like what do I want to accomplish in my life or in my career… they’re all important to keep in mind.

Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday!

— Glenn