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The Future of Youtube Stardom

There are a lot of freshmen at Long Beach that consider going into film and many that would never consider it. Being given the opportunity to get behind and in front of the camera offers the rare chance to experiment with the film industry. And this week did not disappoint.

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Catch Up Blog

So I have been ridiculously behind on these blog posts, my apologies, but hopefully this makes up for it.

Let’s start with project 7: Shark Tank. Dun-nun. Dun-nun. Dun-nun dun-nun dun-nun DUNUNUNUN!!!!! Read more »


Project Three Stars!!

I hope everyone had a thrilling experience doing your flashmobs!

But honestly, Donald Payne and Alixandria Ogawa, your work should be on the staff blog every week.
Your hard work is definitely not going unnoticed. Keep it up 🙂
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