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So many amazing videos!

Students from every major dove in and created so many fun, scary, sweet, sad, silly videos! Wonderful work and awesome collaboration with your classmates. Fantastic you guys! ūüôā
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A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning.

There were a lot of amazing work concerning this project despite the presence of the rain. Some of you are very skilled in graffiti, creative in designing stencils, great photographers, all sorts of stuff. Here are the many students that I saw that has done fantastic work.
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Ahhhhh I ran out of witty titles. 16 hours drained me

P5 is done!!

I really enjoyed seeing all of you but by 5 o’clock on Friday, i was DONE. 16 hours of proposal meetings. My eyes burn just thinking about it.

You all had some really good ideas. Some ideas were so good, i had almost no critiques. Now the interesting part is up, building.

For this week’s grading, i had the privilege of grading two sections of the 9a class: last names A-E and M-P.

Michelle Doan’s VRAG on Kristine Schoemaker/Gracie Kendall

the proposed gallery is going to be a maze full of people of different shapes and sizes


Lauren Delacoure’s VRAG on Vaneeesa Blaylock

Lauren’s Kitten got jealous of her sketchbook


Bojana Atanasova’s VRAG about Katriona Beales

an elevation view of what the Katriona Beales gallery will look like


Maria Morales’ VRAG on Betty Tureaud


9a Koning/Eizenberg group’s VRAG


“Art is like a falafel.” – Kendra Nebo

Kudos to those of you who completed Project 1, and double if you got a bomb grade.  This was a lot of work but we always have super stars in Art110. Always.


Aka Tayler 

Sadly, guys, I think this may have been the only vlog(video+blog) that made me laugh out loud. ¬†I was hoping for more of those. ¬†But this girl ¬†I mean, watch the vlog! It’s funny right??? And totally answers the questions we asked. ¬†Super A, my friend. ¬†And… can I have your sweater?? Just asking…

This is Grover, Mark and Scott (who I assume are brothers because same last name and in a video together??
That can’t be a coincidence.), and Anthony.

Guys, you really won me over with the music. ¬†I never really played Sims except on a Game Boy SP but… I’ve always secretly wanted to. ¬†This music is from the Sims, right? ¬†Anyway, you guys are funny. ¬†And very thoughtful on random objects such as… a Godzilla cup holder. ¬†I totally remember having that or something like it when the actual movie came out. ¬†But may I ask what it’s for? It’s not holding a cup in a car or anything… I don’t imagine you’d need it on a desk or anything unless you have a bumpy desk?? But I don’t see how a cup holder not attached to anything would help out in that situation. ¬†Yo, help me out. WTF is it for???

By the way, I definitely enjoyed the guest appearance at the beginning.

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You’re allowed to yell his name if you wanna. ¬†He told me so. (On the Facebook group)

HE LIVES, BREATHES, AND EATS FILM. ¬†I mean, I really like film but I prefer to eat ice cream and pasta roni. ¬†It’s cool though, this guys’ a fire cracker, super passionate about film’n’stuff and I can dig it. ¬†Feist at the begining/end?? Okay, I can dig that too. ¬†And making your video black and white totally helped out with the “crappy lighting”. ¬†Nice to look at, good content; good vlog, right?

Bryan made this siiiick steam punk wheel chair.  SO COOL, RIGHT???

I mean, dude, your vlog was alright but I was really blown away by the wheel chair. ¬†I’m really amazed by your mad SecondLife skills and can’t wait to see what’s next from you. ¬†Totally awesome work Bryan. ¬†Virtual high-five, or thumbs up; whichever you prefer. ¬†Some people don’t really like virtual germs.