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Projects 7 thru 12 and Farewell Post <3

So unfortunately not everyone did their projects every week for the people I was grading. Since I don’t want to give the same 3 or 4 people praise for every week, I decided to highlight one student per project for the last 6 projects. Sorry this is so late, but here we go.  Read more »


“Sometimes art isn’t all fun and games” – Lizzie Chan

This week was catalog essay week and as the title suggests, not everyone had fun with it. Lizzie seems to have more fun with other projects but writing essays are not her favorite. I’m sure a lot of students felt like that this week.

Below i will display the group’s catalog essay as well as what they as individuals succeeded at the best.

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Art-110 Lab in Library 407

Hi guys!

Nice meeting everyone yesterday! Or, at least, nice blabbing at you all for an hour. Tomorrow we’ll be in lab and it’ll be a bit more conversational. Don’t forget to chat up a few different peeps when you’re in lab! Next week you’ll want someone to go to the beach with, Read more »


Mourning a loss

The clock struck midnight but the art110 facebook group was struck with an even greater tragedy. It seems that Monday morning marked the end of the counterfactual identities.
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Hardest Working College Students in America!

LIBRARY 407 – Art110 Lab – A little action from the CSULB / ITSS / Library 407 / Virtual Art Gallery Lab! Thanks to the: hard workin students, amazing artists, supportive ITSS peeps (CSULB Instructional Technology Support Services) and generous library administration! Read more »


Bryn Oh Gallery

Images of the Bryn Oh Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Nathan Moore, Claire Jeffers, Bianca Harrier, and Kaylin Coleman. 2011.
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Jazz-minh Moore Gallery

Images of the Jazz-minh Moore Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Michelle Morello, Sydney Bryson, and Katherine Torres. 2011.
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Eva & Franco Mattes Gallery

Images of the Eva & Franco Mattes Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Thomas Krebs, Nelson Nguyen, Connie Wong, and Jose Munoz. 2011.
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Finishing School Gallery

Images of the Finishing School Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Vanessa Canales, Diane Morales, Joanna Plascencia, and Frank Morris. 2011.
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Rachel Bloom Gallery

Images of the Rachel Bloom Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Vanesa Sanchez, Daniel Vidal, and Sherry Sandoval. 2011.
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Welcome to Art 110

Hi guys!

Welcome to CSULB… welcome to “The Beach”… and Welcome to Art110.

I know what some of you are thinkin… “didn’t he say that, like, a month ago!?” Yup, I sure did. But in the last 30 days a bunch of new peeps have added Art110, so now that I’m back from my 3,972 mile road trip from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC, I thought I’d say hello some more. So whether you’ve been enrolled for a while, or just added recently, WELCOME TO ART110!

If you’re feeling eager, here’s a video on what we’re gonna do in Week 1:

Liz, Mariha, Sodazer, Monique, and a few other awesome TA’s and I are really looking forward to
meeting you next Tuesday, August 30. And hey, just in case you’re in the neighborhood, we’re having a
little “Open House” tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23. We’ll be on stage in our classroom, UT-108 (UT =
“University Theater”) from 10am – 2pm.

You can just drop by for a minute and say Hello!… you can hang out and chat about stuff… and if you’re
really eager we can even help you set up your wiki home page. (actual “work” not required… it’s totally
optional! 😛

Anyway, I’ll bring some iced tea and do drop by if you’re on campus or around tomorrow.

We’ll go over the syllabus and stuff next week, but FYI, here’s the syllabus:

and here’s the schedule:

Oh, hahaha, and most importantly!!! 😛
Here’s our Facebook discussion group:


Happy Rest of Summer!
See you next week… or maybe tomorrow,

— Glenn


PS: check out these rockin peeps who already have profile pix on Beachboard!
Alyssa Anna
Belen Aquilera
Isabelle Fidel
Jazmine Singleton
Joselyne Ramirez
Kaila Campbell
Melissa Anzueto

Chantelle Nasr
Eurico Senna
Guadalupe J Haro
Lauren Morales
Samantha Avne

Uh oh… Seven 9a and only five 11a… hahaha… the semester hasn’t even started and already the early birds are getting the worm! 11a pride is on the line! 😛


A time for reflection-The end of Art 109

It is offically May 12. It is offically the last day of Art 109, an experinece we shared but did not know it. Some of you might be shouting hooray. Some disinterested, stressing over finals week. Some of you might be getting a tiny but nostalgic for January. Maybe sheding a tear. You all will advance into art110 wheather you like it or not.  remeber, whatever your grade ends up being in art109, you get a fresh slate with art110.  and because art110 is such a long course (we hope) if you mess up once or twice it won’t screw you over in the long run.  Of course sitting in the front row hardly every hurts….no matter where you are.  Same goes for listening to instructions the first time they are said.  Same goes for painting whatever you want on a wall at Venice. Or shooting a video with friends. Or pouring your heart and thoughts out to yourself (and your eager viewers in a vlog).

What di I take away from art 109? I remember the challanges and the adaptation of living in second life. The opportunitues it presents. the limitations it sets. I will consider myslef a stronger art historian for listening to how all of you saw your artists and your insightful comments. I have been introduced to Eva and Franco Mattes, and have begun with them a beautiful friendship.

But enough nostalgia. P15 looms still, don’t forget. I will look upon your submissions with a kind eye, but treat this assignment as you would a final….your last dicth effort to prove your A-worthiness.


Marcelo Rampazzo’s The Thinker


9a’s Killer P3’s!

Monique graded 11a and Liz blogged about a few of the really nice ones, and now Mary’s scored 9a and I’m blogging about a few of the really nice ones. Thank you to all our awesome TA’s, and even more importantly, Thank YOU for these and many other fantastic student projects!!!

For P3, 9a had ELEVEN perfect 100’s!!

Stephen Bessette – Jazz-minh Moore

Maria Canales – Finishing School

Gustavo Huerta – Rachel Bloom

Sean Nguyen – Comet Morigi

Joanna Plascencia – Finishing School

Kyle Ponce – Jazz-minh Moore

Corrinne Prado – Banksy

Sophearum Seng – Four Yip

Michael Tombor – Ana Mendieta

Edward Torres – Joseph DeLappe

Daniel Tran – Comet Morigi