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“Sometimes art isn’t all fun and games” – Lizzie Chan

This week was catalog essay week and as the title suggests, not everyone had fun with it. Lizzie seems to have more fun with other projects but writing essays are not her favorite. I’m sure a lot of students felt like that this week.

Below i will display the group’s catalog essay as well as what they as individuals succeeded at the best.

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Artist visits FTW!!

This week’s project is one of my all time favorites because i love the idea of going to meet an artist in the flesh and getting to talk to them and learn who they are. A website gives you a lot of information on what they have done but it takes a visit to their studio or a face to face interview to fully understand who they are and what they are trying to say/accomplish with their work.

For my group of students, two artists came through for them this week: Carol Hummel and Ryan Mcintosh.

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Would you Google me?

E-portfolio week is done….but not really. You will probably keep working towards raising your google status but now you at least have your foot in the door and are aware of the information online.

This week you will get to meet with your artists, so exciting! Be sure to ask them insightful questions as opposed to yes or no questions.

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A P1 and P2 combo…with fries and a drink

Week three of art110!!

So slow, i know. Hopefully going to the beach and plaster casting wasn't too bad. Looking through people's projects it seemed like most people enjoyed it.
Vanessa, Laura, Glenn, Monique, and I were at the beach on thursday and it was a lot of fun to meet all of you who came out. I ended up getting sunburned (It's still on my nose and it's not like cute Rudolph red). Oh well. SoCal. You get what you pay for.
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Welcome to Art110, we tag

So in week 1 we asked everyone to tag their home page. Then you had to tag your extra credit. Now you had to do a whole new kind of tagging. You had to tag a legal Venice art wall.
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Liz the Machinimator!

I hope you’ve noticed that your fabulous TA Liz Juarez has been makin some fully awesome videos of your work! Besides help videos and programming the Art110eys, she’s been “trolling” the gallery presentations and making these great montages of your projects! Yay Liz!!!
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Mourning a loss

The clock struck midnight but the art110 facebook group was struck with an even greater tragedy. It seems that Monday morning marked the end of the counterfactual identities.
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The end of the Eva and Franco reading *tear*sniffle*

Needless to say, i’m a huge Eva and Franco fan. I try to stay neutral seeing as i TA a class and people should have the opportunity to develop their own feelings and opinions about E&F. The most common opinion is “They are criminals”. Over the summer, Glenn, Mariha, Vanessa, and I went to a show in LA where Eva and Franco were being featured.
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Air is non-existent. It is a word we use to describe our surroundings. – Cleverbot

This past weekend, i discovered Cleverbot. I asked the Actual Intelligence, if “you think that’s air you’re breathing?”. Since i never really knew how to answer the question, why not ask a computer. It’s answer is the title of the blog post. I also asked it some other questions that i needed the answer to. It answered 2 of the 3 questions. It seems the end of Inception may never have an answer.

Cleverbot ponders life's toughest questions

Cleverbot has spoken!

Onto P6… I’m torn as to what to what reaction i should have this week.

On Tuesday, I hardly got any questions which got me to believe that either all of you were not doing anything and planning on procrastinating until the weekend OR that you all knew what you were doing.

I REALLY hoped it was the second one.

Thursday morning came along, and i saw some really amazing work that made me go…

My surprised and happy face

So that made me happy and excited to see all of your P6’s.

Unfortunately, MANY of you underestimated the project and so when i went to see the documentation of what you completed this week, it scared me.

This week was only part 1 of building so there is still this whole week to make it up.


It will come back to haunt you if you don’t work in lab, ask questions, and come see us during office hours. You have the resources to do these projects but you just need to take advantage of them. We will be in lab on Tuesday and Thursday. Vanessa and I are also available on Friday all day in AS-120.

On that note, i leave you with this gif of Thinh doing a dance

Break it down Thinh

Before i completely lose you, here are the best projects of the week as chosen by me from the 9a class last names M-P.

Scott Magana

If your avatar approaches this building in Second Life, you instantly feel like Godzilla. Fortunately for the triplets, the building does not dismantle.

Jamie Merrill

A Mariachi band…Now It’s a Party!!!!!


Are you an expert vlogger yet?

I could not think of a brilliant title for this week! 😦 Anyways, I hope those of you that did your project this week were excited to meet our artists and to see an artist in work and how they are able to put in so much hard work into their pieces and where their inspiration comes from. Art is amazing, it can speak to people on so many different levels and it speaks to an eclectic amount of people in which everyone is able to observe and decipher what the art piece meant. A form of expression that in my point of view is both beautiful and brilliant! Anyways, I really hope you guys had an awesome time, like liz said she was jealous as to how guys had this opportunity to meet these artists and how kind they were in giving you a piece of their time. I wish I could have done this during my semester in art110, i just did my VRAG on baroque art! 😛

Also, you guys I had to give some people TERRIBLE grades on their project because they did not follow what was required for the project on the RUBRIC!!!! Make sure you guys read that on beachboard before you attempt your project so you can receive an awesome grade on your project! I don’t like giving out D’s and F’s, it makes me sad 😦 I hope you guys look at this as a warning and as a piece of advice for your future projects! Well that is my rant for this week’s project, here are some of my favorite projects of the week 🙂


1. James Moran


2. Thinh Le


3. Evan Osborne 


4. Pamela Payad








P4 is over…..more like just beginning

As the title suggests, this only the first week of P4. Now that you all have met your artists, you can probably feel the pressure of stepping it up when it comes to the Virtual Art Galleries.

I was so proud to see the pictures and videos of people meeting with their artists. I started researching these artists during the summer and now they seem like celebrities to me. The work they do is so visually appealing but also has some things to say about how we live today. You look at some of the work that these people have done and you think “even if Ray Bradbury and Rachel Bloom had been alive 100 years ago, could she have even been able to do what she did?” The answer is no on so many levels. First, photography and filming is a fairly new invention so it didn’t exist back then. Also, Rachel Bloom would have probably been shunned and sent to live with nuns had the thought of fucking Ray Bradbury even crossed her mind.

Not to say that mediums like painting will ever die but, today there is a bigger fish to fry. It’s actually more like fishes. The invention of the camera propelled art into the 21st century and today we have artists like Juha Arvid Helminen and Rachel Bloom. People like Vaneeesa Blaylock use people (avatars) as their medium and Possimiste uses sound recordings. It’s a different world today.

Onto the projects…

I graded 9a, last names M-P. Really great work. A couple critiques:

  1. I really wanted to see the artist’s answers to the questions asked. A few people didn’t add the answers. kind of sad about that. 😦
  2. A lot of you are into putting music in your vids which is great but in the right context. When there is a slideshow of pics with no audio, GO FOR IT. play music! when it’s you vlogging and i need to listen to the words coming out of your mouth, not so appropriate. Either lose the music entirely at that part or turn it down to the point where i have to listen really hard to even know what song it is.

All in all, i am very proud (and jealous). This class has changed so much since the last time i took it and now all the cool things are being done.  🙂

So here are some of the great projects i collected. I will be showing this to your artist so that they can see what you did. (muah hahaha)

Dustin Park on Possimiste


Tayler Nicholson on Vaneeesa Blaylock


Jeronimo Moran on Rachel Bloom



Erik Morales on Juha Arvid Helminen


Plaster of Paris at Seal Beach

Kristine 'n Paulina

Hi guys!

Just wanted to say how much fun the TA’s and I had workin’ & hangin out with y’all at Seal Beach Pier yesterday!

Alex Kilauano

Sorry not everyone could make it to that one time slot… but with 200++ students, it’s kind of nice to be able to spend a little time with a smaller group of peeps and actually chat a bit.

Pamela Payad’s cool vid!

And WoW, what a day!!! Perfect weather! So fun! Really had a great time. Hope you all did too. Or if you’re going today (Friday) or over the weekend, hope you have a great time also. Anwyay, that’s it. Just wanted to say thanks for spending a little time at the beach with us and thanks for spending a little time with us this semester.

When you’re not busy worrying about “how do you define ‘real?’ “ remember it’s a nice idea to have 3 sets of goals: Short, Medium, Longshort is like what do I want to accomplish today or this week… medium is like what do I want to accomplish this year or in my 4 years at CSULB… and long is like what do I want to accomplish in my life or in my career… they’re all important to keep in mind.

Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday!

— Glenn


Project 1 – 11a – A-D

Hi guys, I graded the 11a class for peeps with last names from A-D. There were many cool chairs and some really thoughtful vids, but I really have to give a big shout out to two peeps who just blew me away: Brianna Bracy and Lupe Cornejo.
Brianna’s home page is fantastic! I always say your home page is like a handshake at a job interview: sure, you could refuse to shake the interviewer’s hand and if your stuff is great you might still get the job… but why??? Don’t you want to walk into an interview with a smile on your face and a great handshake and immediately make it clear to the other person how enthusiastic you are about discussing the possibilities of working together? The minute I saw Brianna’s home page I thought, how lucky I am to be in a class with this person! The photo of Brianna with the kid from the Dominican Republic on her back is probably the sweetest pix I’ve seen so far this semester. What a gift that Brianna was interested enough in us to share some of her summer adventures with us.

Beyond the great handshake, her P1 is really solid. I appreciate that she gave us not just one, but a number of photos from a variety of angles (and, hahaha, next time she will have me show her how to zoom in! 😛

Like so many of you, her vlog is a nice, thoughful piece.
Lupe’s home page looks totally different from Brianna’s, but it also shows thought, care, and a real effort to get to know us.
You really have to read the whole odyssey of Lupe’s chair design. I love that she documented her whole process! Beyond just giving us the one photo we required, she showed us the evolution of her chair and the development of her thinking about it – fantastic!

Although I didn’t see anyone in the A-D group do it, remember that you drew those sketches of chairs – I saw a number of really awesome sketches – it’d be so cool to scan your sketch or snap a pix of it and stick it on the wiki.

Like Brianna and so many of you, Lupe made a really nice vlog. I have to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts with us and for just plain having the nerve to make these vids. I know plenty of you are shy or private about things, so thank you for giving this a shot. Back to my job interview metaphor, not only will many of you have job interviews in your future but I think all of you will need to present your ideas in many ways to many different audiences. Just as speech and writing classes are so valuable, I hope these vlogs not only help you think about art and ideas, but also make you a better communicator in all the things you do here at CSULB and beyond in your life.

Thank you Brianna… thank you Lupe… thank you all!


Project One!

Hi guys, hope P1 is going well… or at least that you’re surviving. We are “throwing you in the deep end,” but don’t panic, just one step at a time – all the steps are pretty doable.

Your 2 big links this week are to the “EYEWTKA” page which has short demo videos for everything you need to do this week:

And to the Facebook group where plenty of your classmates and some great TA’s have been busy sharing info, answering questions, solving problems. You should definitely check-in there if you need help.

For videos, above is the “pep talk,” below is the description of what we’re up to this week, and below that is a couple vids of students in action!

See you in class!

— Glenn

Oh, btw, here’s the licenses peeps have chosen for their work so far:
Creative Commons Attribution: 47
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike: 9
Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives: 5
Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial: 27
Creative Commons Attribution NonCom ShareAlike: 5
Creative Commons Attribution NonCom NoDeriv: 11
Copyright All Rights Reserved: 6
Public Domain: 5

Speaking of your virtual chairs… and speaking of picking a license for your work… we’d like to put 9a & 11a boxes in the Virtual CSULB Art Store that will give away batches of your chairs so you can see what your classmates did, enjoy them, and perhaps use them in your own virtual art gallery.

But we also want to respect the licenses we made you go to the trouble to choose for your content. We really need everything you make in SL to be “full perm” (Yes Modify, Yes Transfer, Yes Copy) because you’ll have so many team problems on your gallery if they aren’t. But we won’t give away modifyable chairs if you chose a no derivatives license.

So here’s what we’ll do:
Chairs with these licenses will NOT be included in the full perm give-away boxes:
♦ Copyright All Rights Reserved
♦ CC No Derivatives
♦ CC NonCom NoDeriv

Chairs with all the other licenses can, I think, be reasonably included in the Art Store give-away boxes:
♥ CC Attribution
♥ CC Share Alike
♥ CC Non Commercial
♥ CC NonCom ShareAlike
♥ Public Domain

Note that as a content creator you have the right to license every item you create differently. You can say, this photograph is copyright all rights reserved, this song is CC-Attribution, this video is CC-A-NonCommercial. So you’re not limited to just one license for everything you create, but for Art110 we’ll generally try to work with the one you specify on your wiki home page just so we don’t have 250 students x 20 licenses each! 😛

Wow… it all gets so complicated!


Who Is Esperanza Spalding?!

The Grammy’s were this week and as always, Lady Gaga was one of the most interesting things there (along with Muse and Mumford and Sons).  I think the biggest question of the night was “Who is Esperanza Spalding?”. After that award was handed out, Facebook was blowing up with the same question being asked over and over again. According to itunes, this is her most popular song:

Oh well. I guess we’ll all have to live with the decision just like the art110 class has to live with the topics that were assigned to them.

Monique decided to do all the grading by herself so she chose these people but i totally agree with the decision.

Trevor Larson – Zaha Hadid

Looks pretty good for being 61 years old!

“Hadid’s main design concept creates spaces that blur the difference between building and landscape and the flow of interior and exterior by combining them.”

Mary Luu – Zevs


“If a person is capable of expressing art through tagging walls and grounds to show others what art is, why do we restrain them from offering what they have to share to the world?”

Alex Nauta – Fallen Fruit


“The art in itself looks at the object of fruit both symbolically and literally in how much of a role it plays in our community along with its social and political implications.”