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The Future of Youtube Stardom

There are a lot of freshmen at Long Beach that consider going into film and many that would never consider it. Being given the opportunity to get behind and in front of the camera offers the rare chance to experiment with the film industry. And this week did not disappoint.

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Sculptor of Clowns and Dresses

The Meeting and Writing on Some Fantastical Artists.

As I experienced last semester, sometimes getting in touch with your artist can be a kind of painful experience. You are talking to these wonderful artists or performers who have incredibly busy schedules. So not only do you have to worry about making plans and deciding on a location, you also have to worry about what to ask them and how you will manage to show off their art in Secondlife and how it will impact your grade. This is why, despite some set backs and resulting extensions, I am so proud of my students these past two weeks for doing all that they could do and sometimes more to prove that they will work hard at this project.
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What exactly is an ePortfolio? A few months ago, the biggest concern for many incoming college freshmen was having the colleges they applied to Google them and coming across some rather unflattering pictures. Past college, the same can be said for our future jobs. While some employers want to know that you can have fun and a life outside of work, many would prefer Read more »