Counterfactual Bonanza!

What an amazing week we had last week! I hoped our counterfactual identity projects would help us think about the hybridic, multiple, mixed reality ways we develop, express & explore identity in the 21st century. I hoped it would be an opportunity to think about creating narratives and considering truth & fake, fiction & non-fiction. But I really never imagined that nearly a dozen class members would wind up with one or more of their very own doppelgangers! What a fascinating life of its own this took on.

Meanwhile, we offered you the opportunity to consider the coin of our 21st century realm, Page Rank, and to try a little SEO/Google Bombing in pursuit of it. Some of you went for Page Rank supplemented by Facebook Friends and Twitter followers.

Some great presentations in lab today – thank you all!

Based on your presentations in lab today, your staff judges have awarded the following bonus points, added to your “Extra Credit” totals on BeachBoard.

Corrinne Prado IS Candy Warhola = +200 points

Nathan Moore IS Charles Rosenthal = +200 points

Kayla Toledanes IS Candy Warhola = +160 points

Mike Berg IS Mariha Lowe = +125 points

Sam Kim IS Edward Torres =+100 points

Carlos Garcia IS Mariha Lowe = +50 points

Counterfactual Livin!

Charles Rosenthal

Blogs we Love:

Charles Rosenthal

Barbara Rivera

Edward Torres

Rrose Sélavy

Rrose Sélavy

Edward Torres

Rrose Sélavy Dance Company

Flickr Photostreams we Love:

Rrose Sélavy

Barbara Eva Rivera

Facebook Profiles we Love:

Barbara Rivera!/profile.php?id=100002298130174

Rrose Sélavy

more to come!!
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