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Final Project, Final Story

Last semester, the counterfactual identity project was near and dear to my heart. It gave me a chance to address a loss I experienced many years ago, and understand how life would have been if it had not occurred. This semester, the closest thing I experienced to a project that I felt was (no bragging intended, I promise) as deep as mine was perceived to be by our tA’s last semester.
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Welcome Baa-aa-aack!

Hi Guys!

Well my Spring Break was a lot of fun, very refreshing, and ridiculously fast! I hope yours was also fun & refreshing and maybe not quite so fast. I hope you had a chance to travel, or hang out with friends and family, or just catch up on work, and hopefully you got a little rest. And now for some exciting info about all the cool things we get to hear and do in the big finish, final 1/3 of the class…
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Happy Spring Break!!

Happy Spring Break!

Have an awesome time travelling, hanging out with friends and family, or just catching up on work and hopefully a little rest. Below are a couple of videos from the TA’s and I on Spring Break, and info on what’s upcoming.

Have a great break; stay safe; see you in April!
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What shall become of them now?

Now that the project is over, what is to become of your Counterfactual Identites? Will they remain part of the the virtual society, or will they be killed off just as quickly as they were brought into existence. Well some of you said that you did kill off you CFI’s. So A prayer out to those who we knew for so short a while, but who brought such warmth into our hearts!
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Muslim Artists; Fake & Real; The Reader

“AVATAR (Identity) LECTURE” — Wow, time flew on Tuesday! So many things that we ran out of time before considering. There are so many identity artists we didn’t look at, but one glaring hole in my talk was Arab and Muslim artists. Among other info below, I’ll mention a few powerful, contemporary artists, like Anida Yoeu Ali and Shirin Neshat. Read more »


Counterfactual Bonanza!

What an amazing week we had last week! I hoped our counterfactual identity projects would help us think about the hybridic, multiple, mixed reality ways we develop, express & explore identity in the 21st century. I hoped it would be an opportunity to think about creating narratives and considering truth & fake, fiction & non-fiction. But I really never imagined that nearly a dozen class members would wind up with one or more of their very own doppelgangers! What a fascinating life of its own this took on.

Meanwhile, we offered you the opportunity to consider the coin of our 21st century realm, Page Rank, and to try a little SEO/Google Bombing in pursuit of it. Some of you went for Page Rank supplemented by Facebook Friends and Twitter followers.

Some great presentations in lab today – thank you all!

Based on your presentations in lab today, your staff judges have awarded the following bonus points, added to your “Extra Credit” totals on BeachBoard.

Corrinne Prado IS Candy Warhola = +200 points

Nathan Moore IS Charles Rosenthal = +200 points

Kayla Toledanes IS Candy Warhola = +160 points

Mike Berg IS Mariha Lowe = +125 points

Sam Kim IS Edward Torres =+100 points

Carlos Garcia IS Mariha Lowe = +50 points