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P7 – Shark Tank

So this week I got to take a look at where everyones going with their galleries and I have to say that I am REALLY impressed. Almost everyone was prepared with sketches and a really clear idea of where they were going with their design. You guys did an awesome job of thinking outside the box, and thought, not only about the basic design, but you all considered how to display the work. Read more »


P5 Highlights!

<So this week you guys were asked to meet with your VAI artist, do some sketches, and read a chapter about Eva & Franco! I have to say, you all did an awesome job this week, so it was really hard to pick the highlights for P5. SO first of all I'd like to give props to Donnie Payne who makes the most entertaining video blogs I've ever seen… Read more »


Project 2: Sand in Some Weird Places

It was my favorite project to be sure. I mean lets be honest, how many other classes ask you to go to the beach for class? And play in the sand? And get a tan while you wait? That’s what I thought.

Mostly people’s plaster moldings look the same, but some were pretty cool. Mostly I liked the video blogs. Mostly this one because it made me laugh:
Read more »