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Happy Summer

Thank you everyone. I’ve enjoyed our 4 months of “river rafting” together. Some laughs. Some scares. Some amazing teamwork. Some solo heroics. And as our raft finally washes up at this river’s delta, the satisfaction of knowing that we tried our hardest, and each in our own way did our best, and learned something for our continuing journey.

I certainly learned a lot from you. I hope you learned at least a little from art110.

There are many students in this course and for many reasons we finish with all kinds of point scores. A low score doesn’t make you less of a person, nor does a high score make you more of a person. Still, with no disrespect to anyone who finished lower than hoped, I do think it is worth acknowledging a few of you who accumulated quite a few points. Some of your names are below.

Happy Summer… Happy Life… Big Ideas…

— Glenn

Fall 2011 – 9a – Top 10

1. Mariha Lowe 2,830
2. Sophearum Seng 2,784
3. Daniel Tran 2,176
4. Vanessa Canales 2,103
5. Michelle Fenn 2,019
6. Gustavo Huerta 1,994
6. Daisy Monterroso 1,994
8. Carlos Arquedas 1,992
9. Stephen Bessette 1,947
10. Edward Torres 1,946

Fall 2011 – 11a – Top 10

1. Bo Lotti 2,129
2. Georgeanne Aronson 2,068
3. Edwin Young 2,008
4. Thomas Krebs 2,007
5. Francesca Mueller 1,996
6. Mike Guevara 1,994
7. Sam Kim 1,992
8. Trevor Larson 1,966
9. Isaac Kim 1,962
10. Matthew Wolff 1,959


A time for reflection-The end of Art 109

It is offically May 12. It is offically the last day of Art 109, an experinece we shared but did not know it. Some of you might be shouting hooray. Some disinterested, stressing over finals week. Some of you might be getting a tiny but nostalgic for January. Maybe sheding a tear. You all will advance into art110 wheather you like it or not.  remeber, whatever your grade ends up being in art109, you get a fresh slate with art110.  and because art110 is such a long course (we hope) if you mess up once or twice it won’t screw you over in the long run.  Of course sitting in the front row hardly every hurts….no matter where you are.  Same goes for listening to instructions the first time they are said.  Same goes for painting whatever you want on a wall at Venice. Or shooting a video with friends. Or pouring your heart and thoughts out to yourself (and your eager viewers in a vlog).

What di I take away from art 109? I remember the challanges and the adaptation of living in second life. The opportunitues it presents. the limitations it sets. I will consider myslef a stronger art historian for listening to how all of you saw your artists and your insightful comments. I have been introduced to Eva and Franco Mattes, and have begun with them a beautiful friendship.

But enough nostalgia. P15 looms still, don’t forget. I will look upon your submissions with a kind eye, but treat this assignment as you would a final….your last dicth effort to prove your A-worthiness.


Marcelo Rampazzo’s The Thinker


Video Awards

And the judges (y-o-u!) have spoken:

9a: Videography
1. Cookies
2. Always Hardcore at Venice Beach
3. Buy the Pencil
4. I’m a Dog
5. Music

9a: Video Blogging
1. Miharu Okamura
2. Michele Fenn
3. Mariha Lowe
4. Edward Torres
5. Joanna Plascencia

11a: Video Festival
1. Bo’s Twin
2. Willis’ Vlog
3. Fat Life
4. I Just Had Sex
5. The Lazy Song
6. Tommy’s Vlog
7. American Psycho
8. Christine is Back


Counterfactual Bonanza!

What an amazing week we had last week! I hoped our counterfactual identity projects would help us think about the hybridic, multiple, mixed reality ways we develop, express & explore identity in the 21st century. I hoped it would be an opportunity to think about creating narratives and considering truth & fake, fiction & non-fiction. But I really never imagined that nearly a dozen class members would wind up with one or more of their very own doppelgangers! What a fascinating life of its own this took on.

Meanwhile, we offered you the opportunity to consider the coin of our 21st century realm, Page Rank, and to try a little SEO/Google Bombing in pursuit of it. Some of you went for Page Rank supplemented by Facebook Friends and Twitter followers.

Some great presentations in lab today – thank you all!

Based on your presentations in lab today, your staff judges have awarded the following bonus points, added to your “Extra Credit” totals on BeachBoard.

Corrinne Prado IS Candy Warhola = +200 points

Nathan Moore IS Charles Rosenthal = +200 points

Kayla Toledanes IS Candy Warhola = +160 points

Mike Berg IS Mariha Lowe = +125 points

Sam Kim IS Edward Torres =+100 points

Carlos Garcia IS Mariha Lowe = +50 points


Counterfactual Livin!

Charles Rosenthal

Blogs we Love:

Charles Rosenthal

Barbara Rivera

Edward Torres

Rrose Sélavy

Rrose Sélavy

Edward Torres

Rrose Sélavy Dance Company

Flickr Photostreams we Love:

Rrose Sélavy

Barbara Eva Rivera

Facebook Profiles we Love:

Barbara Rivera!/profile.php?id=100002298130174

Rrose Sélavy

more to come!!
If you would like a link from this blog to your blog, other website, facebook page, etc, just drop your url as a comment on this post!


9a’s Killer P3’s!

Monique graded 11a and Liz blogged about a few of the really nice ones, and now Mary’s scored 9a and I’m blogging about a few of the really nice ones. Thank you to all our awesome TA’s, and even more importantly, Thank YOU for these and many other fantastic student projects!!!

For P3, 9a had ELEVEN perfect 100’s!!

Stephen Bessette – Jazz-minh Moore

Maria Canales – Finishing School

Gustavo Huerta – Rachel Bloom

Sean Nguyen – Comet Morigi

Joanna Plascencia – Finishing School

Kyle Ponce – Jazz-minh Moore

Corrinne Prado – Banksy

Sophearum Seng – Four Yip

Michael Tombor – Ana Mendieta

Edward Torres – Joseph DeLappe

Daniel Tran – Comet Morigi


9a Rawks P2

Hey Guys!

As Liz ‘n Monique have already noted:

1. P2 was SO awesome by you guys!!
2. SO many high grades! Yay!
3. A number of peeps were lazy with photos which cost you a few points. Be sure to Resize & Rename your pix, the info on that is here:

Honestly, we try to avoid “rules” whenever possible: it’s a hassle for you; it’s a hassle for us. But we really have to do Photo Sizes and Photo Names. Why do peeps get this wrong? Probably because you DON’T have to bother doing it on Facebook. FB is more “automatic” than the wiki, which is great. But the wiki is more flexible than FB, which is also kind of nice. With FB your pix are just the size FB feels like making them and that’s all you get. On the wiki your pix can be as huge or small as YOU CHOOSE. Unfortunately, that means if you don’t choose, and upload your huge mega-mega-pixel pix… your page loads like watching paint dry.

1. Resize for better loading
2. Rename so you don’t have bogus photo name collisions with your class peeps
3. And if your photo is sideways on the page, ROTATE IT! When I see all your stuff sideways it just sort of screams “I don’t care.” And I know you DO care! But it looks a lot better the right way up. Also I’m really old and having to turn my head sideways to view your entire project is bad for my neck, so have pity on the elderly and turn those snaps. (we had a lot of resize and rename issues, only a couple of sideways-es)

Gawd I blab a lot!

And FINALLY! On to some of the awesomest of the awesome projects!

Sophearum Seng


Ryan Corsaut (fear of worms)


Claire Jeffers (in art110 there's always bonus points for cartwheels)


Sovanarin Lee (WAY over the legal fun limit for a single pix)


Maria Canales

Edward Torres (Art & Life)

Food pix, like cartwheels, are important because it’s never about art in some detached, sterile way. Art is part of life and should interact with it. We like phood pix with YOU in them even better, but this is still pretty good.

Sophearum, Ryan, Claire, Sovanarin, Maria, Edward, AND everybody else — Great Work!!! Thank You!!