Joshua Fried inspired remix, & more!

Here’s a sampling of work from the 11a class, last names H-P. As the TA’s have already said, nice work from so many of you! I was especially impressed with Joezer Kant’s work on Betty Tureaud,
Gregory Krish’ on Joshua Fried, and Elissa Patterson on Keira Dooley… Continue reading “Joshua Fried inspired remix, & more!”

An Extension Blog for Extensions :P

Hey everybody!! (:

Here is an extension of my p4 blog: I just basically decided to talk about the projects I liked here! It was awesome to see how everyone was on top of things and did their projects on time! 😀 Now my favorites (:

Elissa Patterson

LOVED YOUR BLOG! I loved you were very into keira dooley’s ideas and I saw that which made ne get into it as well, must be a girl thing 😉 LOL

Matt Quinn

Great job in understanding your artist as well!

Preston Miles 

Looks like you guys had such a great time! 😀 LOW KEY jealous -___- lol but I loved how you presented a lot of great details about her work!