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We are the CSULB Flashmobbers!

Well you guys are anyways 😛  I had such a blast seeing all of your guys’ creative ideas for the flash mobs. Some of the videos had me out loud laughing in the library with tons of people looking at me weird but it was worth it lol. I loved seeing all of the other people”s reactions to your flash mob as well. It was fun to see how some people were freaked out and how some people joined in! I wish i would have participated in some of them. I think my favorite ones were the GroupHug and the RecyclingRejoicing. Great work you guys, it took a lot of organizing, commitment, and creativity, and a lot of you stepped up to the plate! (: Read more »


P3: Explosions of Random

By far Project 3 Flash mobs were the most looked forward to project so far this semester. It was a new thing we were trying out and it turned out to be a blast. Ranging from the subtle freezing in place to people running around in sheets, it made for a day of confusion and enjoyment for not only the Art-110 students, but anyone on campus lucky enough to see them. Hopefully it becomes a semester tradition that everyone can look forward to in the future.

It’s difficult to pick out specific people for this project, but here are some of my favorite flash mobs from last Thursday:
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Project 1, 2, 3!

Hi guys! There were some sweet chairs and some nice vlogs this week. But we didn’t get work from a lot of you, so we’ve decided to extend P1 for a week. Both P1 and P2 will be due this Sunday. P1 pretty much uses all the tools for the entire semester, so if you take a little time to figure it out, your whole semester should be smoother from there. Read more »


Welcome to Art110!

Hi Guys!

Welcome to Art-110, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all next week!

I’ll be your instructor for the class, and we’ll also be joined by 9 awesome teaching assistants: Read more »