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LATE again!

Sorry guys! It’s only Tuesday and I am already doen with this week! I some awesome vlogs this week, I feel that a lot of you are now seeing a different side of Eva and Franco. At first you “hated” them and now you see their reasoning behind a few of their works and it’s starting to make sense to a lot of you. I went through the same exact thing you guys! At first it was just so hard for me to grasp their ideas for reasons such as: never seeing anything like this before and trying to understand their reason for “sabotaging”. Of course now I know there really was no malicious intent in any of their works even though it might seem to come off that way. It’s quite interesting to see a new medium of art that is not so typical like many of us are used to. This is what a lot of you had mentioned in your vlogs, and I absolutely agree with you guys. Now onto my “FAVORITES” of the week (:

1. Nicholas Anderson

  • “Art should not be restricted to a certain amount of people, it should be show to the entire world.”
  • “To someone else in the “game” who understands the effort and the time it took to build that character would value the time and ability it took to make this character come to life.”
  • “Their art is not conventional, it’s very out there, and they just want people to understand that art is not confined to an easel or a studio, it is anything in reality, they want to just make you think about what is going on in the world, and to understand that anything is art you just have to see it that way… if you can express an opinion or and idea through it visually then it is art.” 
  • “If someone who has done it before, who cares we’ll do it again, if someone says it has been done many times before, their response is who cares we’re going to do it our way, We know who we are, we will not be influenced by others against us… won’t be restricted y anyone else.”

2. Mario Bonilla

3. Isabelle Fidel

  • “That’s how I wish to see myself, but that is not myself.”
  • “A projection of our identity, idealistically not facially”
  • “The past shows us our future”
  • “Sometimes we must fool people to get a sincere reaction.”

4. Anthony Flores 


Say it with me….. ee-vuh (phonetically spelled)

LOL! Hi everyone!

I thought it was so funny how so many of you guys couldn’t pronounce her name properly, but that’s fine, it was just a trend that occurred this time. I decided to try and spell her name in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) since that’s my major, and I felt like being a nerd today 😛 But unfortunately I could not because I do not know how to type some of the symbols on my computer so I did this in the American Phonetic Alphabet (APA) 🙂

So Glenn decided to switch up who grades who this week, which I thought was kind of exciting only because I want to get to know more of you guys in this class. So, I was very pleased with my new group of students, so glad to see some new and familiar faces! I just want to say that I appreciate you guys for stating your true opinion on the matter of eva and franco, yet still remaining respectful and not entirely putting them down but backing up you responses with facts and personal feelings. Honestly this is how I strive to live  my life so I applaud you guys 🙂

Moving on, MY FAVORITE PROJECTS OF THE WEEK 😀 there’s just so many every time I grade lol. Honestly I chose my favorites based on the ideas you guys presented not really on technicality 🙂

Emily Hyams



Lauren Delcoure


Michelle “Michi” Doan 


Isabelle Fidel 


Anthony Flores 







Your states will be altered

It is Altered States and Eva & Franco week (the two aren’t completely unrelated).

Glenn will lecture on the movie and about what people have done in “altered states”. The project for this week is to read and vlog about Eva and Franco. For now, the TA’s and i will try to keep it neutral so that we can figure out what you all think of them. Be as honest as possible with your thoughts. don’t spend your entire time telling us about how much you like them or hate them. answer the why question too.

Now onto the projects from week 2. I was happy to know that i gave out a lot of 100’s. so great job!

Christopher Gaw

Emily Hyams

Isabelle Fidel


Welcome to Art 110

Hi guys!

Welcome to CSULB… welcome to “The Beach”… and Welcome to Art110.

I know what some of you are thinkin… “didn’t he say that, like, a month ago!?” Yup, I sure did. But in the last 30 days a bunch of new peeps have added Art110, so now that I’m back from my 3,972 mile road trip from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC, I thought I’d say hello some more. So whether you’ve been enrolled for a while, or just added recently, WELCOME TO ART110!

If you’re feeling eager, here’s a video on what we’re gonna do in Week 1:

Liz, Mariha, Sodazer, Monique, and a few other awesome TA’s and I are really looking forward to
meeting you next Tuesday, August 30. And hey, just in case you’re in the neighborhood, we’re having a
little “Open House” tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23. We’ll be on stage in our classroom, UT-108 (UT =
“University Theater”) from 10am – 2pm.

You can just drop by for a minute and say Hello!… you can hang out and chat about stuff… and if you’re
really eager we can even help you set up your wiki home page. (actual “work” not required… it’s totally
optional! 😛

Anyway, I’ll bring some iced tea and do drop by if you’re on campus or around tomorrow.

We’ll go over the syllabus and stuff next week, but FYI, here’s the syllabus:

and here’s the schedule:

Oh, hahaha, and most importantly!!! 😛
Here’s our Facebook discussion group:


Happy Rest of Summer!
See you next week… or maybe tomorrow,

— Glenn


PS: check out these rockin peeps who already have profile pix on Beachboard!
Alyssa Anna
Belen Aquilera
Isabelle Fidel
Jazmine Singleton
Joselyne Ramirez
Kaila Campbell
Melissa Anzueto

Chantelle Nasr
Eurico Senna
Guadalupe J Haro
Lauren Morales
Samantha Avne

Uh oh… Seven 9a and only five 11a… hahaha… the semester hasn’t even started and already the early birds are getting the worm! 11a pride is on the line! 😛