Man, We Were So Plastered This Past Week :P

Hey Guys!! 🙂

Hopefully I am not the only one that thinks my title was funny! LOL! Well this was certainly and eventful week you know being plastered and all 😉 WE WENT TO THE BEACH! I think that’s so awesome we get to do that for a class! I sure enjoyed being in the sun and water and then getting very sunburned later lol. Anyways enough about me! I was so happy to get to meet a lot of you guys at the beach and be able to learn a little more about you guys. Hopefully this continues on throughout the semester 🙂 I also hope you guys had fun making plaster castings of your hand/foot. I remember doing that at the beach a year ago and having so much fun! I think I still may have my plaster foot lol, I should bring it out for a guest appearance. Well, that’s basically it, I guess now it’s time for my favorite projects of the week 🙂

1. Rodolfo Farias Jr. 

2. Nick Ebert and Jeramie Gipoor

3. Rachel Guevarra

4. Kaitlin Huff

5. Greg Trendy Krish