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A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning.

There were a lot of amazing work concerning this project despite the presence of the rain. Some of you are very skilled in graffiti, creative in designing stencils, great photographers, all sorts of stuff. Here are the many students that I saw that has done fantastic work.
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The end of the Eva and Franco reading *tear*sniffle*

Needless to say, i’m a huge Eva and Franco fan. I try to stay neutral seeing as i TA a class and people should have the opportunity to develop their own feelings and opinions about E&F. The most common opinion is “They are criminals”. Over the summer, Glenn, Mariha, Vanessa, and I went to a show in LA where Eva and Franco were being featured.
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Isn’t Eva and Franco awesomely interesting and exciting?

I really love how enthusiastic some of you students are incorporating into these blogs. I’m amazed at how very clear, precise, analytic some of your responses as well as good speakers you are. Here are some blogs that I feel deserved to be praised.