P7 Projects

There were many good projects this week! Everyone seems to making good progress with their galleries and they are looking amazing! Here are my favorite projects this week:

Hailey Stewart

Her photos gave a really good sense of what her gallery currently looks like and her captions were very clear so I knew exactly what I was looking at!  Here is a photo that shows the outside of the gallery:

Mario Ramirez

The gallery he is working on looks really awesome! It definitely looks like a planet (which is the kind of gallery his group is making for their artist Betty Tureaud. Here is one area that is inside the gallery:

Leticia Resendez

She included a lot of photos, which shows that her group has done a lot of work on their gallery so far. I especially liked how organized her blog was, which made it very easy to follow! Here is a really great image that is part of their gallery:

Kevin Ruelas

The gallery his group is working on looks really great so far. They added many different patterns and textures to their gallery space, which makes it look really interesting. Here is one image that shows all these different patterns:

Nick Sabo

His photos showed many different angles of his group’s gallery, which looks very interesting because it’s a movie theater. I especially liked that he wrote a lot for each of his photo captions so I got a really good sense of what I was looking at and even items that his group is going to add in the space. Here is one photo of the gallery:




Hi Guys!

Lots of wonderful work this week… but also a lot of incomplete work this week. Very few of you included your research on the artist, so I had to take points off. What was required for P4 was clearly stated on the EYEWTKA page on the wiki and stated again with a points breakdown on the P4 Rubric on BeachBoard. If you aren’t reading these, you’re losing points that you could have easily had.

Speaking of “research,” some nice research is up at the top of this page, a Joshua Fried video embedded on Alex Tellez’ page. Pretty cool, below is a “Sound Cloud” of their whole interview with Joshua – sweet!


Rachel Youngdale made a really nice page on her artist, choreographer Doug Nielsen. Actually her whole page is very nice, except (hahaha, listen to me, “except”) if you look at the gunky characters in the URL of her page above… that’s what you get when you use stuff other than Letters, Numbers, -_ in the name of your page. Since the name of your page becomes a live URL, those “special” characters and spaces can really mess things up, so I’d stick to AlphaNum, dash, underscore only.

The video she posted above actually told me something I didn’t know about Doug… that he’s not only an amazing dancer/choreographer/teacher… a dancer’s dancer, really… but that he also has a remarkable contemporary art collection – thanks for the info Rachel! 🙂


Mario Ramirez went to visit Betty Tureaud in Second Life, and I just had to include this amazing photo… Betty rezzed chairs for them floating in an immersive color space… what a host! 🙂


Brandon Rasmussen & his peeps just went ahead & video’d their whole convo with Jocelyn Foye – so cool! 🙂 Above is “Part 2 of 3”

We didn’t ask you to video the convo’s but said just snap a few pix, because we thought the camera might take your attention or get in-between you and the artist, might get in-between the conversation and the ideas… still… it’s pretty cool that they were able to capture this conversation with Jocelyn! Lucky us to get a peek at their encounter and Jocelyn’s ideas. 🙂

There was lots more wonderful work this week, but these are at least a few of the exciting projects of the week. Keep up the great work everyone!