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Poubelle Twins Gallery

Images of the Poubelle Twins Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Kyle Christopherson, Matthew MacCready, and Jamie Merrill. 2011.
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A More Enjoyable Read of E&F. 9a (H-N)

Most of you said in your vlogs that you thought this reading was a lot more enjoyable then the last reading. I liked these readings as well. But you guys did do a great job on your vlogs!!! Some of you even spoke to the camera when you were dying from throat infections and infectious colds! Ewww…But there were a lot of you who sought deep into the reading and gave great views about Eva and Franco’s projects. The only thing that irked me was that most of you still couldn’t pronounce their last name, Mattes. Its Mot-tez!!!!
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