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Ahhhhh I ran out of witty titles. 16 hours drained me

P5 is done!!

I really enjoyed seeing all of you but by 5 o’clock on Friday, i was DONE. 16 hours of proposal meetings. My eyes burn just thinking about it.

You all had some really good ideas. Some ideas were so good, i had almost no critiques. Now the interesting part is up, building.

For this week’s grading, i had the privilege of grading two sections of the 9a class: last names A-E and M-P.

Michelle Doan’s VRAG on Kristine Schoemaker/Gracie Kendall

the proposed gallery is going to be a maze full of people of different shapes and sizes


Lauren Delacoure’s VRAG on Vaneeesa Blaylock

Lauren’s Kitten got jealous of her sketchbook


Bojana Atanasova’s VRAG about Katriona Beales

an elevation view of what the Katriona Beales gallery will look like


Maria Morales’ VRAG on Betty Tureaud


9a Koning/Eizenberg group’s VRAG


Say it with me….. ee-vuh (phonetically spelled)

LOL! Hi everyone!

I thought it was so funny how so many of you guys couldn’t pronounce her name properly, but that’s fine, it was just a trend that occurred this time. I decided to try and spell her name in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) since that’s my major, and I felt like being a nerd today 😛 But unfortunately I could not because I do not know how to type some of the symbols on my computer so I did this in the American Phonetic Alphabet (APA) 🙂

So Glenn decided to switch up who grades who this week, which I thought was kind of exciting only because I want to get to know more of you guys in this class. So, I was very pleased with my new group of students, so glad to see some new and familiar faces! I just want to say that I appreciate you guys for stating your true opinion on the matter of eva and franco, yet still remaining respectful and not entirely putting them down but backing up you responses with facts and personal feelings. Honestly this is how I strive to live  my life so I applaud you guys 🙂

Moving on, MY FAVORITE PROJECTS OF THE WEEK 😀 there’s just so many every time I grade lol. Honestly I chose my favorites based on the ideas you guys presented not really on technicality 🙂

Emily Hyams



Lauren Delcoure


Michelle “Michi” Doan 


Isabelle Fidel 


Anthony Flores 







Best P1 Projects

Here are the best P1 projects from the 9 am class. These students had the most amazing videos/ideas in their videos and they also had great chairs. Enjoy!

Shanee Aguinaldo

Alyssa Anna

Michelle Doan

*Can’t understand what I’m saying? Read my typed version of the vlog below*

Hey! My name is Michelle—spelled M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E. I also go by “Michi”, but one day you may know me as the first female Vietnamese-American Academy Award-winning director, Michelle Que Doan. Or perhaps you shall remember my name as a part of a successful independent film group similar to my idols Wong Fu Productions. But enough about my long-term dreams.

I am a freshman at CalState Long Beach majoring in, as you maybe have guessed, film. In a broader picture, I’m quite a well-rounded person in the arts. I have been or am involved with traditional drawing and cartooning, digital photography, graphics design, newspaper layout, instrumental music, marching band, martial arts, theatre from performance and voice-acting to video and sound crew, journalism and expressive writing, broadcast news and video production for high school, freelance, and recently weddings, basic animation, and so on.

But let’s rewind, what foot did I start on to develop all of my current artistic ability and experience? More particularly, where did I sprout my ambition for film? It all started with a nerdy online role-playing game named “MapleStory”. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere. However, the problem I have most often than not is that I am so interested and involved in a strong variety of art aspects that it was hard to truly expertise in simply one and truly express who I was and am in just one medium. By mid-high school, I found that film was able to incorporate all aspects of art into one medium. Film is my form of art.

Art. When a general mass of people initially hear the word art, they immediate direct their thoughts to drawing and painting, the classic masters, such as Picasso and Di Vinci. But as many know art is not only drawing. Art is dance. Art is music. Art is photography and film. Art is martial arts and drama and literature. Many people may start at a classic painting and claim “art is confusing”. But it is quite simple. Art is a form of self-expression and self-interpretation through a medium. According to Plato, art is the imitation of reality. To many people, art is a gateway to freedom—in my case, many gateways.

I hope to work with many of you guys in the future, particularly any film major students out there. Look me up on my YouTube Channel at And I’ll see you in class. Find the Asian girl with the Harry Potter denim backpack and the blue eyes and that’s me. I’m Michelle, or you can call me “Michi”, signing out.
[Tying up my hair and wearing my headphones makes me look like a guy T.T I swear I’m not always this awkward…it’s just awkward to talk to a laptop webcam with your loud Asian relatives around D;)