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Shark Tank… NOM NOM NOM….

I could not come up with a good title so I thought this was a great idea since were munching up ideas during our shark tank meetings. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with a lot of the groups creative ideas in representing their artists’ work. U saw some amazing sketches and ideas being bounced off of one another a lot. All in all, I would say the meetings were successful for most of you because seeing your vlogs I could see a lot of the ideas you had either really stuck or inspired most. I can’t wait to see all of your actual architectures soon! Should be exciting!
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What’s an E-Portfolio?

This week, there seemed to be a lot of confusion on hat an e-portfolio is exactly. Glenn wanted everybody to prepare for life after college, in building an online portfolio of work that they had done or interests/skills that you have just in a public sense. A lot of the responses from the video blog said that they didn’t really want the public knowing about them that in a sense this e-portfolio was pointless. I found that response very interesting because when I first heard about this project, I was overjoyed with the fact that I could make myself more publicly known. Read more »


We are the CSULB Flashmobbers!

Well you guys are anyways 😛  I had such a blast seeing all of your guys’ creative ideas for the flash mobs. Some of the videos had me out loud laughing in the library with tons of people looking at me weird but it was worth it lol. I loved seeing all of the other people”s reactions to your flash mob as well. It was fun to see how some people were freaked out and how some people joined in! I wish i would have participated in some of them. I think my favorite ones were the GroupHug and the RecyclingRejoicing. Great work you guys, it took a lot of organizing, commitment, and creativity, and a lot of you stepped up to the plate! (: Read more »


Virtual Worlds, Real Worlds, Inception, Are We Dreaming? 0.o

HI everybody (:

I had the great opportunity of grading last names J-M in 11a and I was blown away by all of your guys’ work. I loved hearing all of your thoughts on your video blogs (VLOGS). It was amazing that a lot of you were doing this for the first and some of you were nervous, but that’s alright. Read more »