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Cross Off “Meeting An Actual Artist” Off Your Bucket List…

This has probably been my favorite week so far because you guys finally got to meet your artists! 😀 I talked about them so passionately in my previous vlog and I was glad a lot of you were able to see why I was so passionate and become passionate yourselves. I was really surprised to see that a lot of you had not met an actual artist before and so this was a totally new experience for a lot of you Read more »


Picking Your Artist!

Hi Guys!

It’s Week 4 when we have our “Avatar” (Identity Art) lecture… and do our P4 – ePortfolio project… but all that’s almost dwarfed by the fact that this is the week we form groups of 3 peeps and PICK OUR ARTISTS! So hit the “Read More” button and get the whole scoop!
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Gallery Proposals

I feel like everyone did a great job with their p5 projects. I saw/read some interesting gallery proposals that were definitely inspired by the artists you interviewed. Here are some of my favorites:

Itzel Reyes

She proposed creating a gallery that is dark because her artist (Juha Arvid Helminen) creates work that is comprised of dark themes. I think her idea is perfectly conveyed in this sketch:

Jose Romero

His artist is Rachel Bloom and since she makes videos, his group has proposed the idea of making a movie theater to feature her work. I think this is a creative idea for a gallery that will showcase her work well. To see Jose’s proposal, click on the link:


Charlotte Wade

She is creating a gallery that is a night club because her artist, Tuna Oddfellow, creates night clubs in SL. Her drawings are very creative and they perfectly show the crazy atmosphere her group will be creating for their “gallery.” Here is one of her sketches: