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An Essay in an Art Class, WTF?

I’m pretty sure there were mixed reviews on writing an essay for this past weeks’ project. Some were rejoicing (because they rock at writing essays) or some (like me) were not rejoicing because writing is not our strong point. I was really proud of all the essays I read though. Grammatical errors are bound to pop up from time to time, but other than that Read more »


WOW I am so late! lol

OK well i really am feeling tired and have been kind of lazy this week 😛 Yes even the TA’s get tired and lazy, well at least I do. Sorry about the late grading by the way. I saw some awesome galleries during the week as I was flying in second life. I am amazed at all of the progress you guys have accomplished in this short week and the team work that you have displayed. I know this will go a long way in your futures. On another note, something I noticed as a trend is that you guys have not been RESIZING and RENAMING your pictures -__________- this is not good! We keep reiterating the importance of doing this and when you guys don’t, points get marked off tremendously on your grade and you usually wonder why you received the score that you did! If you don’t know how to resize and rename your pictures, there is a step by step process that Glenn has made a video of. WATCH IT! and watch the other ones, they will help you so much during the rest of the semester, I know they did help me. Honestly I feel that was one of the main reasons why I was able to get an A in this class. So now without any further ado, my fav projects of the week (:

1. Eun Lee

It’s a giant BROCCOLI! 😛 no it’s a tree! and I am amazed at how great this is starting to look, great job you guys!

2. Kevin Lee

WOW! the interior is coming along so great! (:

3. Eric Navarro

I think you guys have a great start on your gallery. It looks very professional. I didn’t really choose your project for your current gallery though, I was more interested in the ideas you had behind it and your vlog (:

WOW um…. boys dominated this one for me, sorry ladies 😉



Air is non-existent. It is a word we use to describe our surroundings. – Cleverbot

This past weekend, i discovered Cleverbot. I asked the Actual Intelligence, if “you think that’s air you’re breathing?”. Since i never really knew how to answer the question, why not ask a computer. It’s answer is the title of the blog post. I also asked it some other questions that i needed the answer to. It answered 2 of the 3 questions. It seems the end of Inception may never have an answer.

Cleverbot ponders life's toughest questions

Cleverbot has spoken!

Onto P6… I’m torn as to what to what reaction i should have this week.

On Tuesday, I hardly got any questions which got me to believe that either all of you were not doing anything and planning on procrastinating until the weekend OR that you all knew what you were doing.

I REALLY hoped it was the second one.

Thursday morning came along, and i saw some really amazing work that made me go…

My surprised and happy face

So that made me happy and excited to see all of your P6’s.

Unfortunately, MANY of you underestimated the project and so when i went to see the documentation of what you completed this week, it scared me.

This week was only part 1 of building so there is still this whole week to make it up.


It will come back to haunt you if you don’t work in lab, ask questions, and come see us during office hours. You have the resources to do these projects but you just need to take advantage of them. We will be in lab on Tuesday and Thursday. Vanessa and I are also available on Friday all day in AS-120.

On that note, i leave you with this gif of Thinh doing a dance

Break it down Thinh

Before i completely lose you, here are the best projects of the week as chosen by me from the 9a class last names M-P.

Scott Magana

If your avatar approaches this building in Second Life, you instantly feel like Godzilla. Fortunately for the triplets, the building does not dismantle.

Jamie Merrill

A Mariachi band…Now It’s a Party!!!!!


Epic Galleries of Epicness!

Holy crap! There are so many great galleries out there. And here I thought that MY gallery was awesome. Your galleries butchered mine and threw it in a dumpster. I love how you guys are really putting a lot of work and effort into these galleries. I loved hearing in your vlogs about how much your liked, struggled, or changed ideas with your galleries. Thats the fun thing about making these galleries. You think of new and exciting things to do with your galleries.

I know that some of you might be over this, but keep at it! Just one more week and they are due and then you’ll just have to worry about presenting your galleries.

Here are some P6’s that really caught my attention and were completely awesome. Mind you if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like your galleries. They were all awesome.

Tyler Denering’s P6

Holy &#!@!!!! ((Please excuse my french)) This gallery is totally awesome. The epicness of epic. Sounds like I’m favoriting. However, looking at this gallery is truly amazing. You can see the pain, frustration, and inspirations that this group put into their gallery. I love how they use the water scrips to give the gallery a motionful, underwater atmosphere. The dangling pom-poms look really cool too. 



Tatsuya Ando’s P6

I love how Tatsuya set up his projects. They are always so neat, indepth, and just too cool. He showed how his group spit up the work of their galleries, and even showed what each and every person in the group was doing. Very nice.

Kelly Barbeau’s P6

I love how Kelly’s gallery is coming out, and how they have big plans to make it even better.

And Vanna Chem’s P6

Vanna had great pictures for his gallery. But it was his Vlog that got his win. Video bombing and “ghostly” interactions. ❤