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P7 – Shark Tank

So this week I got to take a look at where everyones going with their galleries and I have to say that I am REALLY impressed. Almost everyone was prepared with sketches and a really clear idea of where they were going with their design. You guys did an awesome job of thinking outside the box, and thought, not only about the basic design, but you all considered how to display the work. Read more »


Possimiste, Andrew Byrom, Hilary Norcliffe, & Kimberly Dwinell

Hi everyone, TA Rachel here! My artists for the 11a class are the musician Possimiste, and the visual artists Andrew Byrom and Kimberly Dwinell, and the installation artist Hilary Norcliffe. Hit the read more button to see samples of their work!
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WOW I am so late! lol

OK well i really am feeling tired and have been kind of lazy this week 😛 Yes even the TA’s get tired and lazy, well at least I do. Sorry about the late grading by the way. I saw some awesome galleries during the week as I was flying in second life. I am amazed at all of the progress you guys have accomplished in this short week and the team work that you have displayed. I know this will go a long way in your futures. On another note, something I noticed as a trend is that you guys have not been RESIZING and RENAMING your pictures -__________- this is not good! We keep reiterating the importance of doing this and when you guys don’t, points get marked off tremendously on your grade and you usually wonder why you received the score that you did! If you don’t know how to resize and rename your pictures, there is a step by step process that Glenn has made a video of. WATCH IT! and watch the other ones, they will help you so much during the rest of the semester, I know they did help me. Honestly I feel that was one of the main reasons why I was able to get an A in this class. So now without any further ado, my fav projects of the week (:

1. Eun Lee

It’s a giant BROCCOLI! 😛 no it’s a tree! and I am amazed at how great this is starting to look, great job you guys!

2. Kevin Lee

WOW! the interior is coming along so great! (:

3. Eric Navarro

I think you guys have a great start on your gallery. It looks very professional. I didn’t really choose your project for your current gallery though, I was more interested in the ideas you had behind it and your vlog (:

WOW um…. boys dominated this one for me, sorry ladies 😉



Near and Dear to My Heart

SCORE. I got to grade some one who was assigned Possimiste as their artist.  I mean, Jose, your work was decent so therefore you got a decent grade. Coolio. But in your blog you said (and I quote!) “We just asked her what influenced her to do this and she said when she was younger she went to like a concert or something with her parents and she heard like dove music or something like that.”

The words “Or something like that” weren’t too scarce in your vlog… It sounded funny.  Why not say what it was instead of it being “something like” this object…? I joke! kind of…Or something like that?

Anyway, I slightly favor the groups who have Possimiste because she was the only artist I had the honor of contributing towards this falls’ artist list (I may also be a little harsh if you have her and SLACK *hint hint*) and I totally dig her music.  I pick up what she puts down.  It gets me in touch with my hippie side and my favorite song of hers, Behind the Seas, is a big ol’ emotional roller coaster the way it slows and relaxes me and then picks up and pumps me up. IT’S. JUST. SO. GOOD.

Jose Loera, his partners interviewing POSSIMISTE!
KUDOS to working out the interview early and not needing an extention like *cough cough* others.
(Although some had valid excuses.)

And then then there was this guy, Alex.

Alex Kilauano, that is.  He was cool enough to record/edit his interview with his artist and its just so aesthetically pleasing… he got extra points for it.  I felt like I was the one sitting down with her.  He had some deep thoughts in his good vlog as well but this video is really what won me over.

The End 


P4 is over…..more like just beginning

As the title suggests, this only the first week of P4. Now that you all have met your artists, you can probably feel the pressure of stepping it up when it comes to the Virtual Art Galleries.

I was so proud to see the pictures and videos of people meeting with their artists. I started researching these artists during the summer and now they seem like celebrities to me. The work they do is so visually appealing but also has some things to say about how we live today. You look at some of the work that these people have done and you think “even if Ray Bradbury and Rachel Bloom had been alive 100 years ago, could she have even been able to do what she did?” The answer is no on so many levels. First, photography and filming is a fairly new invention so it didn’t exist back then. Also, Rachel Bloom would have probably been shunned and sent to live with nuns had the thought of fucking Ray Bradbury even crossed her mind.

Not to say that mediums like painting will ever die but, today there is a bigger fish to fry. It’s actually more like fishes. The invention of the camera propelled art into the 21st century and today we have artists like Juha Arvid Helminen and Rachel Bloom. People like Vaneeesa Blaylock use people (avatars) as their medium and Possimiste uses sound recordings. It’s a different world today.

Onto the projects…

I graded 9a, last names M-P. Really great work. A couple critiques:

  1. I really wanted to see the artist’s answers to the questions asked. A few people didn’t add the answers. kind of sad about that. 😦
  2. A lot of you are into putting music in your vids which is great but in the right context. When there is a slideshow of pics with no audio, GO FOR IT. play music! when it’s you vlogging and i need to listen to the words coming out of your mouth, not so appropriate. Either lose the music entirely at that part or turn it down to the point where i have to listen really hard to even know what song it is.

All in all, i am very proud (and jealous). This class has changed so much since the last time i took it and now all the cool things are being done.  🙂

So here are some of the great projects i collected. I will be showing this to your artist so that they can see what you did. (muah hahaha)

Dustin Park on Possimiste


Tayler Nicholson on Vaneeesa Blaylock


Jeronimo Moran on Rachel Bloom



Erik Morales on Juha Arvid Helminen