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Catch Up Blog

So I have been ridiculously behind on these blog posts, my apologies, but hopefully this makes up for it.

Let’s start with project 7: Shark Tank. Dun-nun. Dun-nun. Dun-nun dun-nun dun-nun DUNUNUNUN!!!!! Read more »


Vanessa Bonet, The Poubelle Twins, Aoi Yamaguchi, and Stelarc

Hi guys, TA Kaitlin here! My exciting artists are: Vanessa Bonet, The Poubelle Twins, Aoi Yamaguchi, and Stelarc. Hit the Read More button for a little video of me describing their work and links to their websites. It’s pretty cool (and crazy!) work, I hope we can work together this semester! 🙂
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Poubelle Twins Gallery

Images of the Poubelle Twins Gallery at Virtual CSULB. Created by Kyle Christopherson, Matthew MacCready, and Jamie Merrill. 2011.
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Air is non-existent. It is a word we use to describe our surroundings. – Cleverbot

This past weekend, i discovered Cleverbot. I asked the Actual Intelligence, if “you think that’s air you’re breathing?”. Since i never really knew how to answer the question, why not ask a computer. It’s answer is the title of the blog post. I also asked it some other questions that i needed the answer to. It answered 2 of the 3 questions. It seems the end of Inception may never have an answer.

Cleverbot ponders life's toughest questions

Cleverbot has spoken!

Onto P6… I’m torn as to what to what reaction i should have this week.

On Tuesday, I hardly got any questions which got me to believe that either all of you were not doing anything and planning on procrastinating until the weekend OR that you all knew what you were doing.

I REALLY hoped it was the second one.

Thursday morning came along, and i saw some really amazing work that made me go…

My surprised and happy face

So that made me happy and excited to see all of your P6’s.

Unfortunately, MANY of you underestimated the project and so when i went to see the documentation of what you completed this week, it scared me.

This week was only part 1 of building so there is still this whole week to make it up.


It will come back to haunt you if you don’t work in lab, ask questions, and come see us during office hours. You have the resources to do these projects but you just need to take advantage of them. We will be in lab on Tuesday and Thursday. Vanessa and I are also available on Friday all day in AS-120.

On that note, i leave you with this gif of Thinh doing a dance

Break it down Thinh

Before i completely lose you, here are the best projects of the week as chosen by me from the 9a class last names M-P.

Scott Magana

If your avatar approaches this building in Second Life, you instantly feel like Godzilla. Fortunately for the triplets, the building does not dismantle.

Jamie Merrill

A Mariachi band…Now It’s a Party!!!!!


An Extension Blog for Extensions :P

Hey everybody!! (:

Here is an extension of my p4 blog: I just basically decided to talk about the projects I liked here! It was awesome to see how everyone was on top of things and did their projects on time! 😀 Now my favorites (:

Elissa Patterson

LOVED YOUR BLOG! I loved you were very into keira dooley’s ideas and I saw that which made ne get into it as well, must be a girl thing 😉 LOL

Matt Quinn

Great job in understanding your artist as well!

Preston Miles 

Looks like you guys had such a great time! 😀 LOW KEY jealous -___- lol but I loved how you presented a lot of great details about her work!