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A P1 and P2 combo…with fries and a drink

Week three of art110!!

So slow, i know. Hopefully going to the beach and plaster casting wasn't too bad. Looking through people's projects it seemed like most people enjoyed it.
Vanessa, Laura, Glenn, Monique, and I were at the beach on thursday and it was a lot of fun to meet all of you who came out. I ended up getting sunburned (It's still on my nose and it's not like cute Rudolph red). Oh well. SoCal. You get what you pay for.
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Project 1 – 11a – A-D

Hi guys, I graded the 11a class for peeps with last names from A-D. There were many cool chairs and some really thoughtful vids, but I really have to give a big shout out to two peeps who just blew me away: Brianna Bracy and Lupe Cornejo.
Brianna’s home page is fantastic! I always say your home page is like a handshake at a job interview: sure, you could refuse to shake the interviewer’s hand and if your stuff is great you might still get the job… but why??? Don’t you want to walk into an interview with a smile on your face and a great handshake and immediately make it clear to the other person how enthusiastic you are about discussing the possibilities of working together? The minute I saw Brianna’s home page I thought, how lucky I am to be in a class with this person! The photo of Brianna with the kid from the Dominican Republic on her back is probably the sweetest pix I’ve seen so far this semester. What a gift that Brianna was interested enough in us to share some of her summer adventures with us.

Beyond the great handshake, her P1 is really solid. I appreciate that she gave us not just one, but a number of photos from a variety of angles (and, hahaha, next time she will have me show her how to zoom in! 😛

Like so many of you, her vlog is a nice, thoughful piece.
Lupe’s home page looks totally different from Brianna’s, but it also shows thought, care, and a real effort to get to know us.
You really have to read the whole odyssey of Lupe’s chair design. I love that she documented her whole process! Beyond just giving us the one photo we required, she showed us the evolution of her chair and the development of her thinking about it – fantastic!

Although I didn’t see anyone in the A-D group do it, remember that you drew those sketches of chairs – I saw a number of really awesome sketches – it’d be so cool to scan your sketch or snap a pix of it and stick it on the wiki.

Like Brianna and so many of you, Lupe made a really nice vlog. I have to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts with us and for just plain having the nerve to make these vids. I know plenty of you are shy or private about things, so thank you for giving this a shot. Back to my job interview metaphor, not only will many of you have job interviews in your future but I think all of you will need to present your ideas in many ways to many different audiences. Just as speech and writing classes are so valuable, I hope these vlogs not only help you think about art and ideas, but also make you a better communicator in all the things you do here at CSULB and beyond in your life.

Thank you Brianna… thank you Lupe… thank you all!


Project One!

Hi guys, hope P1 is going well… or at least that you’re surviving. We are “throwing you in the deep end,” but don’t panic, just one step at a time – all the steps are pretty doable.

Your 2 big links this week are to the “EYEWTKA” page which has short demo videos for everything you need to do this week:

And to the Facebook group where plenty of your classmates and some great TA’s have been busy sharing info, answering questions, solving problems. You should definitely check-in there if you need help.

For videos, above is the “pep talk,” below is the description of what we’re up to this week, and below that is a couple vids of students in action!

See you in class!

— Glenn

Oh, btw, here’s the licenses peeps have chosen for their work so far:
Creative Commons Attribution: 47
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike: 9
Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives: 5
Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial: 27
Creative Commons Attribution NonCom ShareAlike: 5
Creative Commons Attribution NonCom NoDeriv: 11
Copyright All Rights Reserved: 6
Public Domain: 5

Speaking of your virtual chairs… and speaking of picking a license for your work… we’d like to put 9a & 11a boxes in the Virtual CSULB Art Store that will give away batches of your chairs so you can see what your classmates did, enjoy them, and perhaps use them in your own virtual art gallery.

But we also want to respect the licenses we made you go to the trouble to choose for your content. We really need everything you make in SL to be “full perm” (Yes Modify, Yes Transfer, Yes Copy) because you’ll have so many team problems on your gallery if they aren’t. But we won’t give away modifyable chairs if you chose a no derivatives license.

So here’s what we’ll do:
Chairs with these licenses will NOT be included in the full perm give-away boxes:
♦ Copyright All Rights Reserved
♦ CC No Derivatives
♦ CC NonCom NoDeriv

Chairs with all the other licenses can, I think, be reasonably included in the Art Store give-away boxes:
♥ CC Attribution
♥ CC Share Alike
♥ CC Non Commercial
♥ CC NonCom ShareAlike
♥ Public Domain

Note that as a content creator you have the right to license every item you create differently. You can say, this photograph is copyright all rights reserved, this song is CC-Attribution, this video is CC-A-NonCommercial. So you’re not limited to just one license for everything you create, but for Art110 we’ll generally try to work with the one you specify on your wiki home page just so we don’t have 250 students x 20 licenses each! 😛

Wow… it all gets so complicated!


Project 1 Grace Period

Hi Guys,

As you KNOW – we don’t accept late projects. It’s not that we like to be mean… it’s not that we think you suck… it’s just that with 200 students… if we take projects at all different times, we’ll NEVER finish grading, and then EVERYBODY will be unhappy. So, in order to survive and get you timely feedback, we MUST have your work online by 11:59pm Sunday night.

Project 1 did have a lot of steps, and as I blogged below, A LOT of you did awesome jobs! But for the few of you who got lost or whatever, we’re offering a ONE TIME extension! You can turn P1 in by Wed night at 11:59pm for full credit. THIS TIME ONLY!!

So go for it!!

Need help? Facebook!


9a P1 Rawks!!!

OMG You Guys! So many great P1’s from you!!


Here’s a few nice ones:

Sophearum Seng

Lina Hun

Ryan Corsaut

Kayla Toledanes

Joanna Plascencia