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What shall become of them now?

Now that the project is over, what is to become of your Counterfactual Identites? Will they remain part of the the virtual society, or will they be killed off just as quickly as they were brought into existence. Well some of you said that you did kill off you CFI’s. So A prayer out to those who we knew for so short a while, but who brought such warmth into our hearts!
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Extraordinary! Magnificent! Outstanding! Preeminent! Remarkable!

Wow so many amazing projects this week! So much effort put into the written analysis and the virtual art galleries!

Woah Tatsuya, you’ve written so much in your write up! Very descriptive concerning various topics such as aesthetics, progress, experience, etc. You must have a very bright memory for remembering so many situations that have happened in the past.

The idea of having a television as the gallery was pretty clever. I personally think your gallery is just as great as the others Kristine. Don’t feel nervous you’ve done a great job!

Despite the region was full to implement any further prims; I’m glad you’ve taken initiative to place the gallery somewhere else temporarily.

I definitely wasn’t expecting the sphere to have stairs inside. That surprised me and the stairs are also floating outside of the sphere!


When did you guys get so good at making galleries?

Way before the sixth project even started, I’ve noticed some have taken the initiative to start making their galleries very early. That progress gradually turned into something very amazing. The galleries were colorful, full of textures, combined with pretty interesting shapes of prims, etc. I was astonished to know that many of you have adapted to the mechanics of Second Life at such a quick pace probably much faster than I could’ve learned. Concerning the grading of the projects, I’m a little thrown off that resizing/renaming is still an issue at this time of the semester. Please resize/rename your photos. Clicking on the plus/minus signs do not resize the photo, it simply only compresses it; it doesn’t change the pixels of the original file. If you don’t rename your photos, other pictures with the same name will override it causing to display a different image. Here are some projects I thought did a pretty good job overall.

Congratulations to Joezer Kant! Joezer was one of the few that successfully fulfilled the requirements and extraneous expectations of the rubric. Photos are carefully resized/renamed, nice descriptions, links back to home page, amazing effort put into the virtual art gallery, etc.

J. Guadalupe has also done an amazing job and he’s in the same group as Joezer.

Rachel your gallery is very clean and sleek. Despite the photos being not resized… I like the creativity/effort put into creating your virtual art gallery and you have some pretty good photos at different angles/parts of the gallery.

I have no idea how this incorporates into your artist’s expectations of how you’re making the gallery but I hope it’s a pretty clever one. Your group members have done an excellent job making the heart shaped object and the, I’m assuming, flower cabinet.


Nice perception with the sketches and labeling!

Some of you guys have some pretty creative and well thought sketches. One notable thing I liked about the sketches was that some have labels in them, describing what they are, what it does, etc. I believe this will make it easier for you guys to do the virtual art gallery. Some other sketches I’ve seen were very vague and hard to make out of.

I really loved yours Vanessa and I’ve would’ve gave you more than a 100 as high as 110 but the photos weren’t resized.


Man, We Were So Plastered This Past Week :P

Hey Guys!! 🙂

Hopefully I am not the only one that thinks my title was funny! LOL! Well this was certainly and eventful week you know being plastered and all 😉 WE WENT TO THE BEACH! I think that’s so awesome we get to do that for a class! I sure enjoyed being in the sun and water and then getting very sunburned later lol. Anyways enough about me! I was so happy to get to meet a lot of you guys at the beach and be able to learn a little more about you guys. Hopefully this continues on throughout the semester 🙂 I also hope you guys had fun making plaster castings of your hand/foot. I remember doing that at the beach a year ago and having so much fun! I think I still may have my plaster foot lol, I should bring it out for a guest appearance. Well, that’s basically it, I guess now it’s time for my favorite projects of the week 🙂

1. Rodolfo Farias Jr. 

2. Nick Ebert and Jeramie Gipoor

3. Rachel Guevarra

4. Kaitlin Huff

5. Greg Trendy Krish