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Your states will be altered

It is Altered States and Eva & Franco week (the two aren’t completely unrelated).

Glenn will lecture on the movie and about what people have done in “altered states”. The project for this week is to read and vlog about Eva and Franco. For now, the TA’s and i will try to keep it neutral so that we can figure out what you all think of them. Be as honest as possible with your thoughts. don’t spend your entire time telling us about how much you like them or hate them. answer the why question too.

Now onto the projects from week 2. I was happy to know that i gave out a lot of 100’s. so great job!

Christopher Gaw

Emily Hyams

Isabelle Fidel


Man, We Were So Plastered This Past Week :P

Hey Guys!! 🙂

Hopefully I am not the only one that thinks my title was funny! LOL! Well this was certainly and eventful week you know being plastered and all 😉 WE WENT TO THE BEACH! I think that’s so awesome we get to do that for a class! I sure enjoyed being in the sun and water and then getting very sunburned later lol. Anyways enough about me! I was so happy to get to meet a lot of you guys at the beach and be able to learn a little more about you guys. Hopefully this continues on throughout the semester 🙂 I also hope you guys had fun making plaster castings of your hand/foot. I remember doing that at the beach a year ago and having so much fun! I think I still may have my plaster foot lol, I should bring it out for a guest appearance. Well, that’s basically it, I guess now it’s time for my favorite projects of the week 🙂

1. Rodolfo Farias Jr. 

2. Nick Ebert and Jeramie Gipoor

3. Rachel Guevarra

4. Kaitlin Huff

5. Greg Trendy Krish



P2 is now done and over with. Hopefully you guys were telling the truth in your P2’s and thought that it was a fun project. But unfortunately, a lot of people were docked points for not renaming and/or resizing your photos. We tried to go around on Facebook and letting you guys know whats up. Most of you guys fixed the problems, others didn’t bother.

If you haven’t already JOIN THE ART110 FACEBOOK PAGE. That is the only way you guys are going to be able to help you with what ever questions or problems that you might encounter with the project.

Anyways, it was awesome to go through your P2s; there were a lot of interesting pictures that were taken, great explanations of your experiences, and entertaining videos.

Rebekah Renovato’s P2

Rebekah made an awesome video on beach adventure!!! 😀

Natalie Rodriguez’s P2

Natalie did a fantastic job. She mad a little video while she was at the beach. Wrote about her experiences. And had great pictures as well. She truly did challenge her self by making her casts look like a heart when they came together. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Brandon White’s P2

Even though Brandon’s videos were all thumbs, he did describe the procedures and talk about what he though. He was extremely positive when his plaster mold of his foot suddenly turned into a boot.

There were other great ones, but these stood out to me. Good work guys and have fun reading about the infamous duo, Eva and Franco Mattes!!!


P2 9a Class

So I just finished grading the 9a projects A-E and I think overall the students did an excellent job! Here are the two best projects that I graded:

Chad Corhan:

I was impressed that Chad made a video and posted many images (with text) that described his process. Here is an image of Chad with his final product:

Shanee Aguinaldo

I already featured Shanee’s work on my blog last week but I really wanted to feature her work again, mainly because the plaster cast she created was very ambitious. Here is a photo of her final product:


Project 2 – 11a – A-D

I just finished looking at P2 for the 11a peeps with last names beginning with A-D.

OMG SO much nice work! Really hard to pick who to feature in this blog post with so many of you “worthy” – but I’ll try.

That Brianna Bracy made a really nice video, but I already went on about her last week, so lets spread the love around a little! Actually, one cool thing about her nicely edited video is that the audio on the live speaking parts is bad (distorted)… no, it’s not exactly cool that it’s bad, but what I mean is that we’re makin these vids to develop the ability to quickly put out a decent vid to go with almost any project. Whatever it is it’s a little richer with a short video with it. So mistakes are “cool” because you usually don’t repeat them, you figure out how to do it better! 🙂

Amelia Benavente made a clever video that’s both fun and informative. Since she licensed her work Copyright All Rights Reserved I’m not allowed to embed her video on my blog, but it’s well worth the click to go over to her place and check it out:

Kevin Barrett & Erin Duffy

Kevin Barrett's best friend Erin Duffy demonstrating the successful casting of a shape claimed to be impossible by Sam Kim

As the caption says, the pix above is Kevin Barrett’s best friend Erin Duffy. Kevin did a great project and it was touching to hear that they did the project after watching his girlfriend and her best friend leave for college. Aww… so sweet… so sad… ah, life… ah, art & life…

Tatsuya Ando plaster casting at Seal Beach Pier

Functional Art by Tatsuya Ando!

Another great, inspired, above and beyond project by Tatsuya Ando!

Really a nice video by Vanna Chem!

And finally, an awesome project by Tyler Denering! That’s his “Hobo Drumming” at the top of this blog post, and below is his project! 🙂

So much nice work you guys!
Thank you!
See you in class! 🙂

— Glenn


Plaster of Paris at Seal Beach

Kristine 'n Paulina

Hi guys!

Just wanted to say how much fun the TA’s and I had workin’ & hangin out with y’all at Seal Beach Pier yesterday!

Alex Kilauano

Sorry not everyone could make it to that one time slot… but with 200++ students, it’s kind of nice to be able to spend a little time with a smaller group of peeps and actually chat a bit.

Pamela Payad’s cool vid!

And WoW, what a day!!! Perfect weather! So fun! Really had a great time. Hope you all did too. Or if you’re going today (Friday) or over the weekend, hope you have a great time also. Anwyay, that’s it. Just wanted to say thanks for spending a little time at the beach with us and thanks for spending a little time with us this semester.

When you’re not busy worrying about “how do you define ‘real?’ “ remember it’s a nice idea to have 3 sets of goals: Short, Medium, Longshort is like what do I want to accomplish today or this week… medium is like what do I want to accomplish this year or in my 4 years at CSULB… and long is like what do I want to accomplish in my life or in my career… they’re all important to keep in mind.

Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday!

— Glenn


Go Beach!

Sarah Hill & Teammates (click for Sarah's page)

Hi Guys!

Liz, Monique, and I had such an awesome time working with some of you and chatting with you at Sunset Beach today! Sorry class schedules don’t allow us to connect with each and every one of you there, but it was really nice to chat with those of you who were able to make it.

I know this will sound cheeky, but, WoW!! You guys are cooler and smarter than I thought you were!! 🙂 So awesome!

Anyway, lots of cool plaster casting today! For everyone heading off to other beaches in the next few days, have fun and take cool pix!

Peace, Out — Glenn