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Welcome Baa-aa-aack!

Hi Guys!

Well my Spring Break was a lot of fun, very refreshing, and ridiculously fast! I hope yours was also fun & refreshing and maybe not quite so fast. I hope you had a chance to travel, or hang out with friends and family, or just catch up on work, and hopefully you got a little rest. And now for some exciting info about all the cool things we get to hear and do in the big finish, final 1/3 of the class…
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Project runw8: VLOG WARS

Hey guys, Erik here, another update COMING AT YOU.

I see the projects are coming along nicely. The Carla group is doing fine, just a few touch ups needed to make it perfect.

The ZEVS group is doing well too. They have a long way to go, but it will be fine.
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Happy Spring Break!!

Happy Spring Break!

Have an awesome time travelling, hanging out with friends and family, or just catching up on work and hopefully a little rest. Below are a couple of videos from the TA’s and I on Spring Break, and info on what’s upcoming.

Have a great break; stay safe; see you in April!
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