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Happy Summer

Thank you everyone. I’ve enjoyed our 4 months of “river rafting” together. Some laughs. Some scares. Some amazing teamwork. Some solo heroics. And as our raft finally washes up at this river’s delta, the satisfaction of knowing that we tried our hardest, and each in our own way did our best, and learned something for our continuing journey.

I certainly learned a lot from you. I hope you learned at least a little from art110.

There are many students in this course and for many reasons we finish with all kinds of point scores. A low score doesn’t make you less of a person, nor does a high score make you more of a person. Still, with no disrespect to anyone who finished lower than hoped, I do think it is worth acknowledging a few of you who accumulated quite a few points. Some of your names are below.

Happy Summer… Happy Life… Big Ideas…

— Glenn

Fall 2011 – 9a – Top 10

1. Mariha Lowe 2,830
2. Sophearum Seng 2,784
3. Daniel Tran 2,176
4. Vanessa Canales 2,103
5. Michelle Fenn 2,019
6. Gustavo Huerta 1,994
6. Daisy Monterroso 1,994
8. Carlos Arquedas 1,992
9. Stephen Bessette 1,947
10. Edward Torres 1,946

Fall 2011 – 11a – Top 10

1. Bo Lotti 2,129
2. Georgeanne Aronson 2,068
3. Edwin Young 2,008
4. Thomas Krebs 2,007
5. Francesca Mueller 1,996
6. Mike Guevara 1,994
7. Sam Kim 1,992
8. Trevor Larson 1,966
9. Isaac Kim 1,962
10. Matthew Wolff 1,959


6.1 – Jazz-minh & Hildegard

Here’s a 9a pix of Stephen Bessette &Kyle Ponce’s awesome Jazz-Minh Moore presentation. They really dove in and considered her work – impressive!

hahaha, this is an 11a talk by Trevor Sullivan, Chris Allen & Francesca Mueller on Hildegard von Bingen. Her work was all about visions and trying to grasp the light… so I guess it’s fitting that in the image we’re trying to grasp, well, the image! 🙂

Nice presentations everyone!

DON’T FORGET to prepare, organize, rehearse! 🙂


9a-mixed feeling towards Mickey (aka WTF are Eva and Franco doing??)

The reading for this week really resulted in some mixed feelings towards Eva and Franco. Some of you thought they were awesome, some downright didn’t like it/get it, most didn’t know what to think. Although there were far too many “just-answer-the-questions-Glenn-gave-us-in-as-few-sentences-as-possible”, some of you went above and beyond the call of P4.

Here are the 5 9a-ers who achieved an 100 (or more) on 94:

an awesome way to spend a Sunday
Sophearum Seng

Laura Kaiser

once I read that Luther Blissett was just this fake name that Eva and Franco were using, I thought “Dang, who knew anyone could pull something like that off!” But then I read about Darko Maver… Eva and Franco created a fake artist. They created a fake artist with actual art EXHIBITS and he got so big, that he soon became the talk of the art world. Eva and Franco literally created an avatar in the real world. Then again, they came up with this idea during an LSD trip so I guess it kind of makes sense… But when they faked his media-covered death, they were completely lucid. It was at this point in the chapter that I started to better understand the controversy around their art.

With the identities of Luther and Darko uncovered, Eva and Franco made a huge statement. I think the goal of an artist is to give society questions to ask themselves. With these identities, Eva and Franco were doing just that. They were making statements on how society lives and how people switch identities constantly wherever they are. You can be a completely different person around your parents then you would be around your friends, your partners, your teachers. Eva and Franco were simply doing just that but instead they were being honest about it.

Koren Fletcher

Stephen Bassette

What awful, amazing, disgusting, brilliant people. I’m sure there have been plentiful amounts of artists since the beginning of whenever art became “art” that have taken what that “art” was and did something different with it, though they may not be in art history books. They were perverse with it, ending up riddled with ridicule or excommunication, or they were glorified and canonized. Eva and Franco Mattes were both ridiculed and canonized sometimes with the same projects and pieces, just furthering how different people’s opinions and perceptions are. The futurists of the early 20th century didn’t have the ability to mess with internet codes or use children’s pop-culture in disturbing ways to make a point, but the Mattes were born in the right time for them to make their own revolution.

Luther Blissett was a moniker they considered “multiple and therefore omnipotent.” He wasn’t real, nor was he a single person, but instead a collective of new radical artists, writers, musicians, and activists that had a fancy for disturbing common perception. Of course something like this would attract the Mattes. The main feature of using the Luther Blissett guise, which developed into an underground cult figure and persona, was to give opportunities to artists to expose the pitfalls and frailties of the media and how it influenced people’s reactions. A more focused direction was taken with the Mattes’ invention of Darko Maver, the name taken from real-life Slovenian criminologist. After reviewing images of bloodied bodies online during an LSD trip, the Mattes’ decided to use the confusion of what was technically real and illusion and create an artist that the media would sensationalize. He had a photo (their friend), a biography (written by a friend), and even pieces of poetry (also written by a colleague). They created mannequins and realistic sculptures of desecrated bodies, some of which eventually displayed in an art gallery. The people bought it and thought he was an actual person. The Mattes’ faked his death and the media reported it. Then, the reveal. 0100101110101101.ORG uncovered itself as Darko Maver. Nice.

The Nike Ground fiasco kind of resembles some of the issues brought up in the Bomb It documentary. For years our culture has been polluted and harshly infused with constant advertising everywhere. The themes of advertising are manipulative and coercive. Yet once someone tries to manipulate them or make a point about their corporation, the red flags go up and people get upset. It even goes back to the point of certain things being sacred and once someone desecrates it, it’s not pinned as art by most, but vandalism or other criminal acts.

Daniel Tran

My first impression of the book was not an expression I usually feel towards a book. I was shockedwhen I first looked at the cover of the book especially when there was Mickey Mouse on it and a veryscary looking plate of bones. Mickey was dressed nicely, almost to a waiter/bartender outfit so I wasguessing he was going to be serving that plate of bones, most likely to the reader of this book.
This first passage was actually quite difficult to understand.


9a’s Killer P3’s!

Monique graded 11a and Liz blogged about a few of the really nice ones, and now Mary’s scored 9a and I’m blogging about a few of the really nice ones. Thank you to all our awesome TA’s, and even more importantly, Thank YOU for these and many other fantastic student projects!!!

For P3, 9a had ELEVEN perfect 100’s!!

Stephen Bessette – Jazz-minh Moore

Maria Canales – Finishing School

Gustavo Huerta – Rachel Bloom

Sean Nguyen – Comet Morigi

Joanna Plascencia – Finishing School

Kyle Ponce – Jazz-minh Moore

Corrinne Prado – Banksy

Sophearum Seng – Four Yip

Michael Tombor – Ana Mendieta

Edward Torres – Joseph DeLappe

Daniel Tran – Comet Morigi