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Rename and Resize FAIL!!! 11a(A-G)

I have to say that just about EVERYONE got points taken off for not renaming and/or resizing their photos. This made grading extremely difficult to grade since your wikis took 5+minutes to load. That is probably the main reason why grading took so long. But they are finally graded. Sorry it took so long.
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When did you guys get so good at making galleries?

Way before the sixth project even started, I’ve noticed some have taken the initiative to start making their galleries very early. That progress gradually turned into something very amazing. The galleries were colorful, full of textures, combined with pretty interesting shapes of prims, etc. I was astonished to know that many of you have adapted to the mechanics of Second Life at such a quick pace probably much faster than I could’ve learned. Concerning the grading of the projects, I’m a little thrown off that resizing/renaming is still an issue at this time of the semester. Please resize/rename your photos. Clicking on the plus/minus signs do not resize the photo, it simply only compresses it; it doesn’t change the pixels of the original file. If you don’t rename your photos, other pictures with the same name will override it causing to display a different image. Here are some projects I thought did a pretty good job overall.

Congratulations to Joezer Kant! Joezer was one of the few that successfully fulfilled the requirements and extraneous expectations of the rubric. Photos are carefully resized/renamed, nice descriptions, links back to home page, amazing effort put into the virtual art gallery, etc.

J. Guadalupe has also done an amazing job and he’s in the same group as Joezer.

Rachel your gallery is very clean and sleek. Despite the photos being not resized… I like the creativity/effort put into creating your virtual art gallery and you have some pretty good photos at different angles/parts of the gallery.

I have no idea how this incorporates into your artist’s expectations of how you’re making the gallery but I hope it’s a pretty clever one. Your group members have done an excellent job making the heart shaped object and the, I’m assuming, flower cabinet.


Make your artists feel proud to be your students!

There is something I feel that I should warn about the classmates of Art110. These are real actual artists whom are being interviewed by people like you and it’s an opportunity for them to expand and inspire each of you guys. Try to look into their perspective and don’t make them feel like they’re… but to be glad and appreciative of having their work shown. It was nice seeing some of you guys getting along with your artists and it seemed like a pretty fun experience productively and socially. There were some other pretty good projects besides here as well but unfortunately there were some things missing from the rubric and I couldn’t really give you a full grade. One of the most important things was having pictures or proof of your conversation between the artist(s) and that hurted your grade a bit. Here are some projects that I feel deserved to be praised.

“With her art, she tends to make people feel like they’re not alone because a lot of times you feel alone. And sends a message, I feel that way too. I thought that was pretty cool.”

I love how thoughtful and enthusiastic you are concerning your artist! I’m sure she’s really happy to collaborate with you.

You guys asked some pretty interesting questions that expanded to many more interesting stories such as her stealing materials from her mom to build crafts and her cat. Lol. Creating a video of the interview is a pretty good idea.