WOW I am so late! lol

OK well i really am feeling tired and have been kind of lazy this week 😛 Yes even the TA’s get tired and lazy, well at least I do. Sorry about the late grading by the way. I saw some awesome galleries during the week as I was flying in second life. I am amazed at all of the progress you guys have accomplished in this short week and the team work that you have displayed. I know this will go a long way in your futures. On another note, something I noticed as a trend is that you guys have not been RESIZING and RENAMING your pictures -__________- this is not good! We keep reiterating the importance of doing this and when you guys don’t, points get marked off tremendously on your grade and you usually wonder why you received the score that you did! If you don’t know how to resize and rename your pictures, there is a step by step process that Glenn has made a video of. WATCH IT! and watch the other ones, they will help you so much during the rest of the semester, I know they did help me. Honestly I feel that was one of the main reasons why I was able to get an A in this class. So now without any further ado, my fav projects of the week (:

1. Eun Lee

It’s a giant BROCCOLI! 😛 no it’s a tree! and I am amazed at how great this is starting to look, great job you guys!

2. Kevin Lee

WOW! the interior is coming along so great! (:

3. Eric Navarro

I think you guys have a great start on your gallery. It looks very professional. I didn’t really choose your project for your current gallery though, I was more interested in the ideas you had behind it and your vlog (:

WOW um…. boys dominated this one for me, sorry ladies 😉



This is my blog on p5, and I am going to do a separate one on the the extra p4 extensions as well! You guys, I just wanted to express how great it was to meet a lot of you and creep some of you out by knowing your name 😛 I told you I was going to memorize everyone’s name by the end of the semester, and ya didn’t BELIEVE ME muahahahahaha! LOL ok enough of that but yes it’s great to get to know the eclectic amount of students here! I was in your position once upon a time (cough cough, a year ago, cough) so I know what it’s like to sort of be invisible and WE don’t want that for you guys at all!!! SO on a brighter note, here are my favorites from this week’s p5!!!

Kevin Lee

i saw Kevin during the VRAG proposal meetings and loved his idea then! I think for the groups who have performance artists, it will be hard to try and incorporate their artwork somehow but Kevin here along with his group had such a great idea of having avatars posing in certain ways that pertain to vaneesa blaylock’s poses in her artwork and have the hold videos showing the performances! ❤ it! I think vaneesa will def be proud (:

Marissa Melendrez

Loved Marissa’s idea to make the gallery underwater, very UNIQUE! I also love how her group will be incorporating pom poms into their gallery which is something their artist annelie mackenzie has a very symbolic meaning for! (:

Lauren Morales

Lauren and her group have not yet had the chance to meet their artist yet but still came up with a great concept for their gallery, i loved it because it was very modern and I think this will encopass their artist’s artwork very well! (:

Olivia Ott

I loved these girls idea for the gallery! I thought it was so detailed, talk about dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s!!! This group had so many details down, I think this will make their gallery very successful and heath bunting proud (:

Pamela Payad

Loved the sketch here and thought that their gallery idea will encompass their artist Nicole Sloan very well! It’s interesting how they took Nicole Sloan’s idea and then added onto it with their own ideas (: