For the Love of… 9a(A-G)

…ALL THINGS AWESOME OMG YOUR P11’s WERE AMAZING!!!! I couldnt believe how hard you guys tried on P11 just wonderful work.
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Rename and Resize FAIL!!! 11a(A-G)

I have to say that just about EVERYONE got points taken off for not renaming and/or resizing their photos. This made grading extremely difficult to grade since your wikis took 5+minutes to load. That is probably the main reason why grading took so long. But they are finally graded. Sorry it took so long.
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Let’s Do Some Legal Vandalizing ;)

I don’t even know where to start this week. Rain, Graffiti, Painting, my god an eventful weekend for sure. I was so surprised at a lot of the projects you guys did this week. Especially the home projects blew me away. I loved how a couple of you incorporated the “space” theme and created these amazing works of art. I also loved how many of you incorporated stencils into your designs. You guys are so talented and I am speechless.
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