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Thoughts on p13

a’s P13 are d.o.n.e

Videos were so fun to watch and it was great to see how much effort was put into some of them. I could that a few of your are film students are really showed off your skills.

Where some of you lost points was when only one vid was posted instead of two (even if that one was REALLY good I can’t give full credit if you only did half the assignmnet). Only one or two peeps had private videos, which prevented me from watching them, so their possible greatness will remain undiscovered 😦

Where I took off the most points is when it was obvious that the video wasn’t something shot yourself but taken from another project from a past class, or maybe even snached from youtube.

I think 97% of you began your vlog with “I have never done this before…this is really weird/it feels strange to be on this side of things.” ok, I guess it is pretty weird, but I think you everyone knew that everybody else was starting the exact same way….some of you would have changed it up. Also, learning to edit out the parts where you freeze up and say “i have no idea what to talk about” would greatly improve the quality and credibility. Of your Vlog. What you say later in the Vlog might be really meaningful and graet but nobody will get that far if you hem and haw about how much you don’yt know what to say. Its fine to make word salad, but take that out on the cutting room floor 😉