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Project 1, 2, 3!

Hi guys! There were some sweet chairs and some nice vlogs this week. But we didn’t get work from a lot of you, so we’ve decided to extend P1 for a week. Both P1 and P2 will be due this Sunday. P1 pretty much uses all the tools for the entire semester, so if you take a little time to figure it out, your whole semester should be smoother from there. Read more »


Say it with me….. ee-vuh (phonetically spelled)

LOL! Hi everyone!

I thought it was so funny how so many of you guys couldn’t pronounce her name properly, but that’s fine, it was just a trend that occurred this time. I decided to try and spell her name in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) since that’s my major, and I felt like being a nerd today 😛 But unfortunately I could not because I do not know how to type some of the symbols on my computer so I did this in the American Phonetic Alphabet (APA) 🙂

So Glenn decided to switch up who grades who this week, which I thought was kind of exciting only because I want to get to know more of you guys in this class. So, I was very pleased with my new group of students, so glad to see some new and familiar faces! I just want to say that I appreciate you guys for stating your true opinion on the matter of eva and franco, yet still remaining respectful and not entirely putting them down but backing up you responses with facts and personal feelings. Honestly this is how I strive to live  my life so I applaud you guys 🙂

Moving on, MY FAVORITE PROJECTS OF THE WEEK 😀 there’s just so many every time I grade lol. Honestly I chose my favorites based on the ideas you guys presented not really on technicality 🙂

Emily Hyams



Lauren Delcoure


Michelle “Michi” Doan 


Isabelle Fidel 


Anthony Flores 







Dudes with Pipes Always Wins! 9a (N-R)

That was the common sentence in a lot of your videos. But there were a lot of cool videos made out there with very thoughtful ideas about Eva and Franco.

Congrats on another project down. 3 down, 12 or so more to go! If you guys are still having trouble with the wiki let us know in Lab or Office hours. Or you can set up a time to me with us on Fridays in AS-120. We can show you how to embed a video, link back to your profile page, or how to make a “projects” page. You guys will be graded down if you guys don’t do these things correctly.


Awesome work you guys. It was fun to see your insights on the dynamic duo, and your thoughts about their works. But there were a few who went beyond just answering each question. They dug deep and really thought about who Eva and Franco were and understood what they were trying to do or show with their projects.

Tayler Nicholson’s Vlog

Elliot Osrin’s Vlog


You guys have to  interview your artists BEFORE Sunday for your P4. So set up an interview with your artists ASAP with your question. Let us know if you guys are having trouble getting a hold of your artists or if there are time conflicts.


Thoughts on p13

a’s P13 are d.o.n.e

Videos were so fun to watch and it was great to see how much effort was put into some of them. I could that a few of your are film students are really showed off your skills.

Where some of you lost points was when only one vid was posted instead of two (even if that one was REALLY good I can’t give full credit if you only did half the assignmnet). Only one or two peeps had private videos, which prevented me from watching them, so their possible greatness will remain undiscovered 😦

Where I took off the most points is when it was obvious that the video wasn’t something shot yourself but taken from another project from a past class, or maybe even snached from youtube.

I think 97% of you began your vlog with “I have never done this before…this is really weird/it feels strange to be on this side of things.” ok, I guess it is pretty weird, but I think you everyone knew that everybody else was starting the exact same way….some of you would have changed it up. Also, learning to edit out the parts where you freeze up and say “i have no idea what to talk about” would greatly improve the quality and credibility. Of your Vlog. What you say later in the Vlog might be really meaningful and graet but nobody will get that far if you hem and haw about how much you don’yt know what to say. Its fine to make word salad, but take that out on the cutting room floor 😉